Riot Games Announces the Teams That Have Been Selected to Join the Pacific League in 2023

In April, we gave a preview of what VALORANT esports would look like in 2023, with the introduction of international leagues that would deliver premier-level competition between the world’s best players and top-tier organisations on a weekly basis.


In August, we expanded upon this with information on how the regional Challengers circuit would grow and give a greater opportunity for up-and-coming talent to succeed on a bigger stage. This new system would also open up a pathway for the best regional teams to compete in their respective international leagues. We are now ready to reveal the ten teams that will join the Pacific League in 2023.

  1. Gen.G (Korea)
    Established in 2017, Gen.G is a leading esports organization in South Korea, ranked top 10 on the Forbes list of the world’s most valuable esports companies for three consecutive years. Their unique portfolio of teams have won 7 global championships to date across a variety of games including League of Legends.

  2. DRX (Korea)
    Established in 2012 under the banner of Icredible Miracle, DRX is an esports organization in South Korea. Their VALORANT squad, formerly known as Vision Strikers, holds the record of 102 consecutive unbeaten matches. DRX has won five VCT KR championships to date and achieved a third place finish at 2022 VCT Champions.

  3. T1 (Korea)
    Established in 2003, T1 is an esports organization in South Korea. Currently owned by T1 Entertainment & Sports, a joint venture between SK Telecom and Comcast Spectacor, the team operates one of the strongest League of Legends team in the world, with three World Championship titles.

  4. ZETA DIVISION (Japan)
    Established in 2018, ZETA DIVISION is a gaming lifestyle brand based in Tokyo, Japan. ZETA DIVISION finished 3rd at VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters.

  5. DetonatioN Gaming (Japan)
    Established in 2012, DetonatioN Gaming is a professional esports team in Japan. They actively compete across a variety of titles including VALORANT and were the first Japanese team to make it to the Top 16 at the League of Legends World Championship in 2021.

  6. Paper Rex (Singapore & Malaysia)
    Established in 2020, Paper Rex is a Southeast Asian esports organization based in Singapore. Paper Rex finished 2nd at VCT Masters Stage 2 in 2022.

  7. Team Secret (Philippines)
    Established in 2014, Team Secret is a global esports brand with teams from all over the world. Their current VALORANT roster has been together since 2021 and represented SEA in VALORANT Champions 2021 placing 5th-8th place.

  8. Talon Esports (Thailand)
    Established in 2016, Talon Esports is a professional esports organization with teams competing across the Asia Pacific.They are best known for their League of Legends team in the PCS.

  9. Rex Regum Qeon (Indonesia)
    Established in 2013, Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) is an esports organization with teams in both Indonesia and the Philippines. Their VALORANT squad recently placed 3rd in VCT Philippines Stage 2 Challengers.

  10. Global Esports (South Asia)
    Established in 2017, Global Esports (GE) owns and operates 12 teams around the globe across 9 games and is regarded as one of the premier VALORANT Esports organizations in South Asia,
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What did we look for in teams?

There were a considerable number of factors that we agreed were vital for all teams joining us to have. In particular:

Fan Love & Culture - putting VALORANT fans first is at the forefront of everything VCT. For this reason, we ensured that all teams chosen are well-loved across the region and this has undoubtedly been the most important factor throughout the process.

Sustainability & Collaboration - we ensured that every team joining us were in this for the long haul and willing to work with us to best deliver on the future of VALORANT esports.

Motivation & Values - we want to work with teams that share our values and vision for the future of VALORANT.

How did we pick our teams?

We invited teams by sharing a briefing deck and they all had the opportunity to create presentations, with the best ones invited for interviews. Following these we then made the decision on the ten teams that would join us for next year and beyond.

The rest of the Pacific teams will still have the opportunity to join the IL through the Challenger Circuit and Ascension tournament.

2023 will be kickstarted with the commencement of Challengers Split 1 and the largest international tournament in VCT history.

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