Riot Games creates Art Education Series


Jun 9, 2017
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You've seen comic characters, sci-fi characters, and other mythical creatures show in the big screen right? Now imagine if those quality characters are in the game?

You've seen a lot of games with good ambiance, background, sound quality, and overall story. Have you ever wondered how the game creators even do that? Yes? No? Well, check this out.

Riot Games attempts to create a 10-part series that explains some things when it comes to game development. For those whose still don't know what to take in college, this series might help you to decide which profession you will take. If you're already done with college and wants to know what happens upon creating this quality games then you might be interested. It's very open to everyone who loves/ appreciate art, loves games, both, or neither. Its a 10-15 mins long video and very informative. Finish all the videos, because in the end, they give advices on what to do and keep you up in pace.

Disclaimer: they will not explain all the things like programs, tutorials and such.

Is it applicable here in the philippines?
Yes, you can go to GDAP (Game Developers Association of the Philippines) for future information.

Is it a good profession to pursue?
Working in a game company? Who doesn't like that? Well, its up to you if you're really passionate about it.

End of the day, you don't need to start with a big company like Riot Games. You can go to small ones and enhance your skills then after a few years, who knows you're good as them. That's all.