Riot Games disables Neeko after players discover that her bug lets her transform into a Turret

As it is now the end of the year, it is now time for Riot Games’ ever-changing preseason. During this time, players are advised to be vigilant as the developer will apply different changes to the Summoner’s Rift and beyond.


And just recently, several players have caught a game-breaking bug, which involves Runeterra’s resident Curious Chameleon. This bug that features Neeko forced the developers to disable her for the time being until the issue is fixed.

Neeko is widely known for her passive ability, which is to transform into one of her allies. This makes her a great decoy and bait to enemies as she can lure them into carefully-laid traps. She also has a ton of damage built into her kit. But in the newly-discovered glitch, she can apparently turn into a turret, which ends the game in mere minutes.

Numerous players have reported that Neeko has now the option to morph into a turret and once she has turned into a turret, she can one-shot enemy players who get into her range. She can also transform into a turret while in the range of an enemy turret, blasting it with only three short hits. On the other hand, the Nexus takes six shots before it goes down.

Neeko can also transform into other neutral objectives on the map like the murkwolf. In a video posted by the popular League content creator Vandiril, Neeko can be seen walking around as a wolf then instantly turning into a turret when the opposing team is finally in her range.

As of the moment, it’s unknown what caused the issue but as players can easily recreate the bug, which makes her a prime choice for any player who wants to rack up easy wins during this preseason, players permanently banned her in every solo or duo queue mode as a temporary solution. After a whole day of the glitch being unresolved, Riot finally disabled her and took her out from the pool.

Riot Games is now working to fix the glitch of Neeko so she can get back into the pool and battle once again alongside her allies. Currently, it’s still unknown if the players who picked her and used the bug will be punished since this preseason is actually used to get rid of any in-game problems or balance issues before the start of the new season in 2023.