Riot Games introduces a new competitive mode VALORANT Premier and will launch beta on March

With a brand-new seasonal challenge, players will be able to go "beyond Radiant" in Riot Games' new competitive mode for Valorant called Premier. Here is all the information you require about Valorant Premier.


  • Premier is VALORANT’s team-based competitive system that will allow you to build a team and compete across a set of pre-scheduled matches.
  • In Premier, you will be able to create or join a team of five friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and battle for glory against teams of a similar skill level.
  • After building a roster, your team will be placed in a division where you’ll play across a persistent set of composed of a mix of weekly matches and tournaments.
  • Winning enough Premier matches will earn you the opportunity to battle it out in a Playoff Tournament to be one of the top teams in your skill division.
  • In October 2022, VALORANT announced the Alpha version of Premier for players in Brazil.

Riot Games stated its goal for the development of competitive Valorant in 2022, and now they have finally made a start in that direction. They are adding a brand-new competitive mode to the game with the intention of giving gamers more intense competition than what they are accustomed to in Ranked. Premier, the name of the new mode, is about to begin its "Beta" phase. Think of it as Valorant's equivalent of Faceit for CS:GO, which is frequently seen as being more competitive than standard matchmaking.


Valorant Premier Overview​

As was already mentioned, Premier is a new competitive mode in Valorant that will give players a considerably tougher challenge than Ranked. Riot intends to "provide an even greater goal than Radiant that provides the most competition-hungry players with a rewarding challenge beyond ranked." The mode is designed to be a new path to pro for players from the comfort of directly playing from their homes. Leo Faria, Head of Esports at Valorant, asserts that Premier "will be the way to the VCT Challengers leagues" in the future and will eventually take the place of the open qualifying process.

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Who can play VALORANT Premier?​

The competitive mode has only been available in Brazil since November and is now in its Alpha stage. This indicates that a plethora of additional features are now missing from the mode and will be added in the upcoming days. With Premier, you or anybody else may create a team and participate in a season of pre-arranged matches. This implies that you are free to form a team out of your friends, neighbors, or anybody you choose, and compete against some of the top teams in your area for glory.


Your team will be assigned to a division once you've assembled your lineup, and you'll compete in a persistent season that consists of a mix of weekly games and tournaments. You might even make it into the postseason tournament to compete for the title of Division Champions if your squad has everything it needs to win.


VALORANT Premier Beta Announcement​

  • VALORANT is dedicated to building a unique path to pro with Premier and creating opportunities for players all around the world.
  • In the future, Premier will be the path to the VCT Challenger Leagues — no more qualifier events; players who excel will get a shot at Challengers and playing against pro teams.
  • From the Challenger Leagues, players can promote into the International Leagues and potentially get to Champions, the biggest stage in VALORANT.
  • An early version of Premier is coming soon, so players can help us on this journey to build the future of competitive VALORANT together.
  • The Premier Global Beta is planned to begin in Episode 6 Act 3.
  • More details will be provided closer to the Global Beta.
A beta version of Premier will be made available worldwide during Episode 6 Act III, according to Valorant's game director Andy Ho, who made the announcement on March 2. The season's start date has not yet been confirmed, although it is anticipated to occur in May.
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