Riot Games launches Riot games music a Royalty-free for Creators

Riot Games, the creator, and publisher of League of Legends and Valorant has launched Riot Games Music.

Riot Games Music is now representing bands including K/DA, True Damage, and Pentakill who are featured in League of Legend's skin lines. Following the introduction, #Sessions, a free music collection for video producers, is now available to stream on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer.


Riot Games has a long history of producing music. The studio has one of the most popular virtual bands in the world with K/DA, but its most recent musical effort is unique. Riot released Sessions: Vi, a 37-track instrumental beats album featuring contributions from Chromonicci and Junior State, on Friday. The release is unique in that all of the tracks from Sessions: Vi are available for free to broadcasters and content makers.

After announcing their plans for a full-fledged music label to Billboard in 2018, Riot Games has seen Billboard music chart success with K/first DA's song "POP/STARS" debuting at No. 1 in the World Digital Song Sales, propelling the video game company from a one-game studio to an entertainment entity. Riot Games Music follows a multi-year relationship with Spotify as the official audio streaming partner of League of Legends esports announced last year.

Riot believes that the album, as well as future releases, will assist to alleviate some of the copyright issues that Twitch broadcasters have had for most of the last year. Twitch received a "sudden surge" of DMCA takedown notices at the beginning of June.

The 37 tracks on the CD are available for download and may be incorporated into your creations using video editing software. According to Riot, this isn't the only free music album available to broadcasters and artists. Though we don't know when the next album will be released (or if it will focus on a different genre), the firm has stated that it would provide information on its social media accounts when the album is released later this year.

The entire album is now available on YouTube, as well as major music streaming services such as Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, and Spotify. If you want to listen to music while watching a video, these platforms are your best bet. Alternatively, you can head over to Riot’s Sessions web page to download the album.


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