Riot Games Prepares For Worlds 2020 With Big Partnerships

The Worlds 2020 will continue despite the previous threat of the pandemic virus. Others believed that it will also be delayed just like what happened to different game championships such as Dota 2's The International 2020. But, against all odds, it seems that Riot is pushing it through with all of these initial preparations they're doing.

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Based from the updates, Riot made 2 big partnerships in a span of few weeks and both of those deals specifically points to the preparations for Worlds 2020. With no signs of any danger to stop it this coming September, this clearly tells us that this year's world championship will be a grand one.

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Let's start with Cisco Systems. You might have heard of its name already from tech information or server related articles. Well, Riot just made a multi-year partnership with them. To be exact here's the official summary from Riot's Press Release:

● Cisco Joins LoL Esports as Official Enterprise Networking Partner
● Partnership Expected to Improve Network Performance by 200% for 2020 World Championships
● Remote Broadcast Centers (RBCs) to be Built Across All LoL Esports Regions

What does these things really mean? Let me explain it from top to bottom. First off, the partnership between Cisco and LoL Esports will basically create a reliable network foundation across the five continents and three global events that will give better competitive experience for pro players and improved viewing experience for fans.

“As a sport completely reliant on technology, it is essential that League of Legends runs on a trusted and reliable network,” said Scott Adametz, Esports Tech Lead at Riot Games. “With Cisco as a partner, we now are able to build and expand the infrastructure necessary to deliver the best esports experience possible for fans and professional players all over the world.”

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As for the 200% network performance upgrade for 2020 World Championships, it will all because of they call "The Realm". It's an exclusive private server that will be used for League of Legends' three major global events: The League of Legends World Championship, The Mid-Season Invitational, and The All-Star Event.

With Cisco technology being implemented in “The Realm,” Riot and Cisco are together working to help pro players compete on Summoner’s Rift at sub-1ms ping, allowing for near-instantaneous reaction times and uninterrupted gameplay. The new Cisco servers are expected to offer up to 200% raw performance improvement over the previous technology.

Lastly, the Remote Broadcast Centers (RBCs) will greatly upgrade Riot's capability to expand and promote competitive gameplay all around the world. Using Cisco's new Intersight SaaS solution, they'll manage all-new 200 tournament game servers in regional studios.

Using Cisco’s UCS B-Series Blade Servers, C-Series Rack Servers, and Nexus 3000/7000 Series Switches, Riot Games will establish a common infrastructure footprint across the 12 RBCs including virtualization, storage, and computing to deliver improved performance with reduced latency for regional professional gameplay.

Overall, it all leads to a better and secure tournament with reduced delay and improved streaming quality for fans who watch them at home. And the fact that it is a multi-year partnership means that these changes and improvements will continue until the next seasons.

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Image Credit to Riot Games
If there's one thing I'm really proud of as a League of Legends player, it's due to Riot's experimental exploration on people's taste. From creating Pentakill, to the recent hits of K/DA (2018) and True Damage (2019), Riot created a new pattern on how to hype up the championship and attract new players at the same time.

This time, Riot made a partnership with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) to, once again, surprise us with another hit. And we're not just expecting one song here. According to the report, there are 6 songs being prepared for League of Legends Worlds Finals.

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Songwriters group photo in Shanghai's GUM Studio (Photo courtesy of UMPG)

A music camp was held in Shanghai last July and 14 UMPG artists participated. Most of them are Chinese including Golden Melody Awards (GMAs) Best Band winner Matzka. To fully know them, here's the list of the names: Matzka, Gong, Chiyo, Moi Yang, Nia Yang, Tian Mi, Xiao Junfeng, Rtruenahmean, JZlee, Daniel Kim, Dru Chen, Laird Yu, Chris Lyon, and Rabitt.

"We hope Riot Games and UMPG continue this journey from here together to bring more beautiful music experiences to LoL players in China and around the world, as we always put player experiences first," Tang said.


There's still a month and a few days before the 2020 League World Championship begins. It will take place on Pudong Soccer Stadium in Shanghai, China. If Riot is not yet finished, then maybe, there are still more surprises that awaits us on September 25 to October 31. We'll soon find out. Until then, I'll see you all in Summoner's Rift!