Riot Games Reduces Bind Pick Rate on Valorant Escalation Mode to Stop Pesky Porter Campers

Riot has finally addressed the overpowered camping strategy on Bind in VALORANT's Escalation mode.


Escalation is VALORANT's newest game mode featuring 12 Escalation levels where both teams participate in a Deathmatch-like game cycling through different weapons and abilities with only a limited time to gain a lead. First team to successfully finish all 12 levels or gets the furthest in 10 minutes wins, which gives the game mode a unique and interesting feel.

However, the discovery of an annoying, overpowered strategy on Bind's teleporters allows players to effectively camp inside, forcing enemies to engage and enter, only to end up dying. Although some arsenals can be spammed through it like Raze's Showstopper or Sova's Shock Dart, teams are given random weapons and abilities where most of them are very much ineffective. This gives the defending team a very clear advantage by knowing where the enemies will pop up. As a result, the fun and thrill are taken out of the game and makes it pretty much unplayable on Bind.

Fortunately, VALORANT developers and Riot Games have acknowledged this issue. In the statement they have provided on Twitter, it is said that they have reduced the chances of playing Bind in Escalation mode. Although this is only a temporary fix, players are now less likely to end up on the map. At the same time, Riot is currently working on a fix in order to stop the camping on the teleporters which will roll out on Patch 2.04

It remains unclear how Riot will specifically fix this issue. It is possible that the map layout will change in Escalation mode, but it is unsure if they will continue along this path since the teleporters are Bind's trademark. Nonetheless, fans are very happy to see how quickly Riot responded to their concerns and make adjustments. Hopefully, players will be able to enjoy Bind in Escalation in the near future.