Riot Games releases Arcane-themed skins for Jinx and Vi in the Arcane Experience event

Riot Games has released a new event called Arcane Experience for League of Legends: Wild Rift.

jinx and vi.jpeg

The Arcane Experience event features two Arcane-themed skins for champions Jinx and Vi that can be gotten for free. The event started on November 7 and will last until November 27. Various in-game resources such as Blue Motes, Baubles, Poro Coins, Champion Poses, and many more collectibles are what awaits the players.

Players can earn the rewards by simply logging in everyday for the entirety of the Arcane Experience event and even get to acquire the two Arcane-themed skins. This event is one of the two expected Arcane-themed events that is being looked forward to in Wild Rift Patch 2.5.

Here are the rewards that you can get in the Arcane Experience event:

Week 1​

  • Day 1 - Hextech Crystal Profile Icon
  • Day 2 - Boost Bundle (Gives 1 XP Boost, 1 Blue Mote Boost, and 1 Team Boost card)
  • Day 3 - Hextech Crystal Profile Icon
  • Day 4 - Blue Motes
  • Day 5 - Arcane Experience Bauble
  • Day 6 - Poro Coins
  • Day 7 - Arcane Experience Skin

Week 2​

  • Day 1 - Arcane Experience Skin Pose
  • Day 2 - Arcane Experience Bauble
  • Day 3 - Blue Motes
  • Day 4 - Arcane Experience Skin
  • Day 5 - Arcane Experience Skin Pose
  • Day 6 - Poro Coins
  • Day 7 - Arcane Experience Icon Border
This Arcane Experience event is held to commemorate the official release of Riot Games' original series titled “Arcane” that is now available to watch on Netflix.

There will be another Arcane event known as Hextech Heist. The event will feature the two new champions, Jayce and Caitlyn, that are expected to arrive soon in the game. However, as of now, Riot Games has yet to reveal further information regarding the upcoming event.