Riot Games releases new updates for its upcoming fighting game Project L

Revealed back in October 2019, Project L is Riot Games' take on the fighting game genre and recently, the developers have released their second annual update for the game showcasing some of the game’s details, like details regarding Illaoi’s development progress, updates on the tag system, and the base gameplay mechanics.

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In the previous brief August update, the champion Illaoi was teased and now, the developers have more details about her. Illaoi is now in early playable form and is active in their internal play test. Just like her form in League of Legends, Illaoi also uses her tentacles to toss her enemies in Project L.

“What you see here is about 30% complete,” executive producer Tom Cannon stated.

The developers are still working on her art direction for her animations as well as on narrowing the range of her tentacle attack mechanics.

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Riot’s biggest focus when it comes to Project L’s gameplay is for it to have a fast yet smooth experience. The developers want players to “have fun right away, while rewarding [them] for the time spent mastering it”. For that to become possible, they developed plenty of movement options, while still balancing the offensive and defensive options of the game.

“Project L, you can walk, run, dash, chain dash, jump, long jump, and super jump. And on top of that, many champions have their own unique air mobility options,” game director Shaun Rivera told the audience. “Putting your champion in the right place at the right time is a skill that you can gradually get better at over time.”

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“We also want to incentivize action. This means making sure offense is rewarding, and your buttons are worth pressing,” Rivera said.

This means that they will reward players for taking offense. The defense options will also be part of this theme.

“We have a mix of big clear defensive options and some nuanced systems that reward you for reading your opponent’s next moves,” Rivera mentioned.

During the game’s early stages of development, Project L was meant to be a solo brawler. However, that changed two years ago because they “made the pivot to a tag team, assist-based fighter. [Their] tag systems are deep and flexible, aimed towards unlocking creativity.” Now players will be able to switch between their fighters to create fancy and strong combo moves.

_dev- Gameplay Basics & Tag - dev diary - Project L.mp4_snapshot_02.50.146.jpg

Moreover, the update has also presented these three main focuses of the Tag system which are Assist Actions, Handshake Tag, and Dynamic Save.

Assist Actions are used to call another champion from the off screen to perform one of two unique tag attacks. While the Handshake Tag is what will allow players to swap between champions as long as both are on screen. These two actions of the tag system work perfectly together as it allows combo extensions.

Lastly, the Dynamic Save is Project L’s version of the combo breaker. Using this action will not only interrupt the enemy’s combo but will also call the assist champion to swap with the current champion on screen.