Riot Games Unveils Star Guardian Art School in The Philippines For the First Time

Welcome to a galaxy of wonder, music, art, and magic! Today, Riot Games announced details of its first-ever Star Guardian Art School to be held in Manila, Philippines. This one-of-a-kind experience invites gamers and anime fans to explore the magic of the cosmic warriors and immerse themselves in all things Star Guardian.

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Star Guardian is a series of in-game character skins from the world of League of Legends, based on anime-inspired high school girls. It is a vibrant alternate universe that centers on a cast of female champions navigating high school drama by day and fighting evil forces by night.

The art school celebrates the craft and detail behind the skinline, giving students a chance to create Star Guardian-inspired art themselves.

To bring the Star Guardian universe to life, Riot Games will be revealing its first ever Star Guardian Art School at the Moon Rabbit Café in San Juan City, Metro Manila. The three-day, limited-time event will be opened to the public from July 29 to 31, 2022 daily from 9.45am till 8.30pm.

Fans can unleash their creativity through various activities and workshops at the Star Guardian Art School, from Star Guardian DIY (do-it-yourself) tote bags, Hydro Dipping classes and Fan Art Areas, where guests get to plaster walls with their creative doodles and messages.

On top of the craft activities, fans can check out the Cinematic Area to watch the Star Guardian music videos and end the day by snapping photos with the Star Guardian squad. And as any other school, there is a chance to unwind at the café with exclusive themed drinks like the Starstruck Lemonade – a cosmic colour-changing drink!

“Philippines is a very important market for the growth and expansion of Riot Games,” said Joel Guzman, Country Manager of Riot Games operations in the Philippines. “We are so excited to bring the Star Guardian Art School experience to fans, gamers and anime enthusiasts in the country to show appreciation for their loyalty and support. We hope the event can bring together the Filipino gaming and anime communities while Riot Games continue to identify local interests and opportunities for more title-related events in the future.”

The Star Guardian Art School event is a reservation-only experience that requires guests to book a timeslot before visiting. Stay tuned to League of Legends: Wild Rift PH Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page from July 27, 2022 for more information about the registration process.

The Philippine event coincides with Riot Games' global efforts, a 10-week Star Guardian experience that brings global players and fans together with magical in-game content and out-of-game events. The global Star Guardian campaign kicked off on July 14 with a song and music video release of the event anthem “Everything Goes On” by Porter Robinson. Players and fans were also treated with new content in “League of Legends,” “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” and “Legends of Runeterra,” as well as the launch of “Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah” and the Star Guardian merch line.

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