Riot Games will be launching Liga Republika 2024 with a 1 Million peso prize pool

Riot Games has announced that they are set to launch Liga Republika 2024 as a means to further promote League of Legends in the Philippines. The upcoming tournament is said to have a bigger prize pool and a more inclusive format.


There will be 384 teams from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao that will be joining Liga Republika 2024. The number of teams that will be participating in this tournament is much higher than last year's Empyrean Cup, which welcomed 256 teams.

Liga Republika will feature a million-peso prize pool and the teams will be competing in a hybrid format of online and offline stages.

“Liga Republika reinforces our commitment to the Philippine esports and gaming community," said Joel Guzman, country manager of Riot Games Philippines.

"Fueled by the success of last year’s Empyrean Cup in reigniting the League of Legends community in the country, rebranding the league to Liga Republika reinforces and sustains the momentum we gained, and elevate the esports scene in the Philippines through a healthier and more competitive league."

“We are committed to create a league that fosters a sense of pride, identity, and belonging for our players. And by evolving last year’s Empyrean Cup to Liga Republika, our hope is to give our players a league that they can proudly call tatak Pinoy,”
added Kimi Salazar, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) brand manager of Riot Games Philippines.

The tournament will officially start sometime this month with the Kickoff Invitational. The top eight teams from the Empyrean Cup will be the ones competing in this stage with the top four teams that will emerge victorious will earn a place for the group stage.


After the Kickoff Invitational, registration will officially open in June. It will then be followed by the open qualifiers, which will run from July to August. More than 300 teams will be going against each other for a chance to have a spot in the group stage that will only have 12 slots open.


With the four teams from the invitational and the 12 teams from the qualifiers, all teams will advance to the group stage that is set take place in August. On the other hand, the playoffs are slated for September.

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