Riot Games will now only focus Wild Rift League operations in Asia in 2023

Riot Games officially announces its plan for its MOBA title League of Legends: Wild Rift in 2023.

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Through a recent blog on the official Wild Rift website, the publisher revealed that the game’s official league operations will now only focus on the Asia region.

“In 2023, we will centralize the operation and focus of Wild Rift Esports in Asia, the biggest and most active mobile esports market in the world,” wrote John Needham, president of Riot Games Esports.

There’ll be 12 teams from China’s Wild Rift League (WRL) and eight more teams from other 2022 Asian Regional leagues that will be featured in the official Wild Rift league. Like in the previous Wild Rift summer and fall splits, Riot Games will host two splits per year.

“The new Wild Rift Asian league will bring the intensity and hype of regional rivalries more regularly to our fans in Asia. We’ll have more details to share about this new league in early 2023!”

But teams from other regions should not be discouraged as Needham clarifies that they can still experience Wild Rift esports as the company will partner with various third-party tournament organizers to host esports events.

“We believe these changes will give the community time and runway to grow organically and establish what role high-level competition will play in their ecosystem. As the Wild Rift esports landscape evolves, we’ll be ready to move in lockstep.”

Because of this change in the game’s esports scene, many Wild Rift talents from outside Asia have expressed their concerns. Some were upset but many were understanding and just hoped for a brighter esports scene in the future.

Also, to address the fans’ sentiment, former head of Wild Rift esports, Leo Faria, responded to them through a Tweet.