Riot Is Reportedly Working On 5-Stack Teams Playing Together Competitively In VALORANT

In response to a tweet by Canadian streamer and former CS: GO pro player, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, VALORANT developers confirm that they are currently working on an option for 5-stacks to play together in competitive queues.


The inability to queue as a whole team, a 5-stack, is a common issue among higher-tier players. This was originally adopted to ensure that the ranking experience's competitive integrity remained preserved. However, a lot of players would rather queue and play with a group of well-coordinated friends who would provide a significant edge in terms of teamwork, in comparison to some random teammates.

Since then, players have consistently asked for a way to fight against other five-stacks in competitive matches without having to worry about random players disrupting the game. High rank players have also been eagerly waiting for such feature to appear in Riot's VALORANT since players may only queue with one other teammate, and five-stacks are not allowed.

After seeing Shroud's recent tweet, Senior Competitive Designer at Riot, Jon "EvrMoar" Walker, responded with a confirmation that the development team is currently focused on “working on a way for 5 stacks to play together competitively." He also confirmed that his team is searching for a temporary solution while they continue to work on the “bigger system.”

According to EvrMoar, implementing a League-style flex queue in VALORANT has come up in discussions. But as of the moment, they are trying to search for better choices. The primary issue he has with this technique is that one ranked queue would become the "real ranked mode."


There is no estimated date of arrival for the implementation of this function yet, as EvrMoar indicated. But hearing such news from a VALORANT senior developer is very much encouraging and players can, at the very least, may take comfort in the fact that it is currently in the works.