Riot statement on Tencent, RoS Lawsuit update, Ace Force Overwatch Clone and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Riot Games statement about their relationship with their parent company Tencent, Rules of Survival and PUBG Lawsuit update, Ace Force Overwatch Clone, Battlefield V battle royale mode, PUBG and FaceIT partnership then finally the PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Tencent has released a Lite version of PUBG Mobile
  • This version is targeted for low-end devices
  • So basically this is for mobile devices with 2gb of ram or less
  • The file size is also significantly reduced from 1.8gb to only around 340 MB
  • But the biggest change is instead of the typical 100 players it will only have 40 players
  • Then as for the gameplay and game modes?
  • it will retain the same experience that are available on the nonlite version
  • and finally, since its still new, you will most likely encounter bots

Rules of Survival
  • Do you remember the PUBG vs RoS lawsuit?
  • Well we have an update, but before that let's go back to the start
  • Back on April PUBG filed a copyright lawsuit against Netease
  • this is due to the similarities found on their games knives out and Rules of survival to PUBG
  • This is when NetEase admitted that yes they are the same genre which is battle royale
  • to which they filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit last month where they said that this is an attempt to monopolize the battle royale genre
  • then let's go back to the present
  • because a few weeks ago PUBG responded saying that Netease complaints a baseless and that PUBG is not seeking to monopolize battle royale
  • Instead, they only want to protect their creative rights found in PUBG
  • so in short counter puro counter attack na
  • PUBG Corp also added that Knives out and Rules of Survival has implemented at least 21 updates to add dissimilarities
  • hmmm may naghuhugas ng kamay
  • So that's the update on the PUBG vs Netease lawsuit let's just wait for the court to decide on what will happen

Ace Force

  • A new Overwatch style shooter called Ace Force is being developed by Tencent for mobile devices
  • The game characters have a cell shaded effect so it will look like cartoon characters while the environments are in full 3d
  • Ace force gameplay has a capture the point mode which is like Overwatch
  • the game also have a team deathmatch mode, although its still unknown if they payload style gameplay
  • The games UI is also very much like Overwatch however majority of the characters using realistic weapons instead
  • Currently the game is on beta for Android, what do you think?

Battlefield V
  • Battlefield V’s battle royale mode was teased on the latest trailer that was shown in gamescom
  • To those who don't know Battlefield V will be on a World War 2 setting with destructible environments in which you can fortify
  • The trailer titled “Devastation of Rotterdam” also showcased new maps, gameplay, and vehicles
  • and oh boy it looks so damn good - need ko na talaga mag upgrade ng pc haha
  • the downside is that the teased battle royale mode will not arrive at launch but instead shortly after
  • hopefully when it get released is that people are still interested in the battle royale genre

  • FACEIT partners with PUBG Corp to create online competitive leagues for PUBG
  • This integration will let players, partners and organizers to create fully automated tournaments and leagues
  • It will also feature fully customizable servers settings, managed lobby system with automatic assignment of players in their respective teams
  • The game results and player stats for each match will also be updated automatically between each round of the match along with the advancements between new stages
  • With this communities can easily build and manage PUBG tournaments
  • So what do you think gusto nyo ba ng PUBG fridays? haha
  • currently, this feature is on beta and according to faceit it will be available to the community soon

Riot Games
- Riot Games released a statement about their relationship with their parent company Tencent
  • But before we talked about their response let's go back to where this started
  • because apparently, Tencent asked Riot Games to make a mobile version of League of Legends
  • In which Riot Games declined saying the game’s experience “couldn’t be replicated on smartphones.”
  • Then after this Tencent created their own mobile game called Honor of Kings which now we know as Arena of Valor
  • So when the Riot games first saw the screenshots of the game they were stunned and employees became unhappy
  • Who wouldn't if someone copied your work and you can't do anything about it
  • Some employees even mentioned that “They were blatantly ripping off our intellectual property”
  • and because mobile games are more accessible League of Legends player base are affected and declining
  • So now let's go back to response
  • Riot Games admitted that Leagues numbers are down from their peak but it's still one of the most played games in the world and that they are happy with the numbers
  • As for their relationship with Tencent they said it's the best it's ever been
  • and even if the Arena Valor situation isn't great is that they worked it out with the leadership
  • hmmm
  • so this is what riot games said but i can't take out of my head if this is how they truly feel
  • kasi kung lagay natin sa relation o pag ibig noh para kang may bagong syota na bago at mas bata habang kayo pa
  • haha - hugot pa more
  • this are just my opinion what do you think?

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