RIP AoV? Gaming Disorder Symptoms,Marvel Super Wars, ROS AMA and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the new that Tencent is giving up on Arena of Valor? Gaming Disorder being officially finalized and symptoms, Rules of Survival AMA where they mentioned the anti cheat in PC is still on testing phase, Marvel Super Wars MOBA, ML Sequel Mobile Legends Adventure, Pokemon Masters, and the LoL Patch 9.11 Summary

  • We called it! if you our last video we called it! RIP AoV
  • In a recent article Tencent is reportedly giving up Arena of Valor
  • do note this is for the west, where AoV is known as Honor of Kings
  • according to the sources from Reuters the company's game marketing has been disbanded on the US and Europe market
  • oh no so basically the game has been abandoned and left to die
  • but recently according to national business daily in china this is not true
  • here is their article
  • "Tencent denied the rumor on Tuesday that it had lay aside the Arena of Valor, the international version of mammoth MOBA game King of Glory, and dismissed the marketing teams for the game in Europe and the U.S., saying the game is now under stable operations globally"
  • it's currently unknown if this will happen for the rest of the world or even affect asia
  • but on the bright side Riot and Tencent are making a league of legends mobile
  • maybe this is a contributing factor
  • so far there has been any statement from Tencent regarding this
  • but what do you think? is it RIP AoV?

Gaming Disorder

  • If you remember in our previous video we talk about WHO considering Gaming addiction as a disorder
  • but recently the world health organization has officially finalized and classified gaming addiction as a mental illness
  • According to the 11th revision of the ICD, gaming disorder is defined as:
  • “A pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior which may be online or offline”
  • So what are this?
  • basically they are the manifestation of the following
  • Impaired control over gaming this refers to the point you cant stop
  • Increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities
  • this refers people who are no longer interested on other activities besides gaming
  • Continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.
  • this is when personal, family, social and other activities are impaired due to gaming
  • So that's it?
  • that does mean i'm an addict?
  • well they elaborated the pattern of this behavior may be continuous or recurrent
  • and if this behaviors are evident for over at least 12 months
  • So if you know someone with this symptoms according to WHO is that they have a gaming disorder
  • Currently the gaming industry is pushing against this idea
  • actually a committee has launched in South Korea to fight 'gaming disorder' declaration of WHO
  • As for the Philippines? we are not sure how our government will respond to this
  • probably more corruption

Marvel Super Wars

  • Marvel and Netease unveiled their new MOBA game MARVEL Super War
  • and since its Marvel themed, Marvel Super War includes Heroes and even villains across the marvel universe
  • so basically Avengers, Xmen and Spiderman are there
  • According to the press release the game is unlike any traditional MOBA
  • because in Super War the rune like system has been replaced on what they call a free buff system
  • so what this means is that rep and achievements can only be earned if you have the skills
  • so if you are interest the game is currently on closed beta for both iOS and Android

Mobile Legends Adventure

  • Moontoon has released the game Mobile Legends Adventure
  • and is being touted as the sequel to the MOBA game Mobile Legends
  • So is this Mobile Legends 2?
  • Well not exactly
  • because this is more of a spinoff as the game is just an idle RPG that uses the heroes on the Mobile Legends MOBA game
  • so basically its just a cash grab in our opinion
  • we are not saying its a bad game but if you play one idle game you would know what we mean
  • so if you are still interested the game is available on iOS for selected regions

LoL Patch 9.11 Summary

  • So recently league of legends released its patch 9.11
  • here is a quick summary so we won't go into detail
  • Champions that got buffed are Gargas and Warwick
  • While nerfs were given to the following
  • Amumu
  • Galio
  • Jayce
  • Karthus
  • Master Yi
  • and Rammus
  • then Ekko and Janna get Adjustment
  • and finally
  • Little Demon Tristana will be available
  • then a day after Master Yi and Karthus Nerf where reverted in a micro patch

Pokemon Masters

  • Recently the pokemon company announced several pokemon games coming to mobile
  • first is the Pokemon Masters, which is a collaboration with Dena
  • according to the reports it will give users a way to fight alongside with the trainers from the previous games franchise
  • so this will be nostalgic
  • sadly there is no gameplay for us to breakdown
  • next is my next upcoming favorite game called Pokemon Sleep
  • we are not sure what this is
  • but from the sound of it seems interesting
  • sino bang may ayaw ng tulog?
  • then finally is the Home cloud service that will help you trade between platforms

Rules of Survival AMA
  • If you are still playing Rules of Survival recently they did an AMA
  • it's basically a question and answer portion
  • so here is the summary of what they have discussed
  • If you notice the fences in the game has bugs and is currently affecting competitive play
  • according to the devs they are working on this and if you found a bug report it to them
  • actually if im not mistaken they have a program called bug hunter
  • then another user asked about a new Rules of Survival Map if ever this will be one
  • unfortunately the answer was that the devs are more focused on “copying” i mean developing new game modes
  • and that there will be a major update for season 10 to the current Ghillie island map
  • then another asked when will the FPS Lag be fixed?
  • according to the devs they are working with google and manufactures to do an engine optimization and a testing phase will be released in a few weeks
  • So what about the hackers?
  • which was asked by another user who exclaimed that they are dealing with a so many hackers on a daily basis
  • as usual the answer of the devs is that they are developing new and effective way to deal with cheaters on the PC version
  • and sadly its still on the testing stage
  • wtf, no wonder there are lots of cheaters
  • then another users asked to get reasons on why they got banned
  • unfortunately the devs replied that they can't provide detailed reasons in case they evade punishments
  • then finally what about the early game bots as the bots are just roaming around
  • currently they are discussing solutions for this
  • so thats their AMA what do you think?