Rise of Nowlin New Mobile MMORPG Calling All Legend to Unite!

Guild of Guardians
August 2019 – 8 Elements announce the upcoming launch of Rise of Nowlin, a new mobile MMORPG, that combine classic roots features of RPG with impressive 3D graphics. Developed with Unity Real Engine, ShouYou Technology has work intensively on the high cost project and bring a top-tier product that suit for all generation.

The big ideas is to modernize the classic first-person adventure game with an interesting story with dialogue box in every chapters.

Rise of Nowlin (http://rise.8elements.mobi/) is set on medieval of Central Europe with folktale occurring in the same universe -- similar like popular comics, Star Wars or Tolkien, etc. Players can experience classic action RPG in enthralling beautiful 3D graphics and interactive details which deliver hundreds of hours of adventure.

The Story:
As its name, the game took place on the city named Nowlin. Set in a mythical fantasy world, on the other side of the universe, all kinds of creatures lived harmoniously under the protection of the Star Soul of Nowlin for thousands of years … until the dark ether appeared through uninvited guest Asados who tried to loot everything.

Total destruction threatened an otherwise perfect world. The gods came to rescue and stopped Asados but even for them he was too powerful to be killed. But the gods made every effort and finally sealed him - then fell into an endless sleep of exhaustion.

Asados escaped when the seal broke - determined to raise hell for the victory of the dark side. At the Vow City, the story of a destined hero begin …..

Rise of Nowlin: “Calling All Legends to Unite”
There are FIVE Classes available to play: Warrior, Magician, Archer, Assassins, and Priest. Player can start build the character, develop tree skills, attributes and customizable equipments. From the city of Nowlin to every dungeons, the pursuit of the escaped dark ether called Asados will leads to unexpected journey!

Rise of Nowlin is Calling All of Legend to Unite. For fans of fantasy MMORPGs, open-world games, and stories of fallen heroes and redemption, play together and have fun to rise and save Nowlin.

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Happy adventures!
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