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Aug 19, 2019
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RISE OF NOWLIN launched on Google Play Store today, 17. October 2019 at 3pm in Singapore, Malaysia and The Philippines.
Rise of Nowlin is a beautiful high-end open world MMORPG for hardcore gamers with powerful mobile phones.

Aims to bring back the glory of MMORPG, Rise of Nowlin offers the excitements of adventures in open-world with complete RPG roots features and advance gameplay. Experience the new era of questing, PvP, guild wars on mobile phone!

The game is very competitive and attracts players who like PK. It offers PvP, Guild versus Guild, battles of whole camps and entire wars.
Unlimited free PK at any time is not the only highlight. The game offers unique LIFE SKILLS, infinite DAILY ACTIVITIES, epic FIGHTS against mini Bosses and the majestic WORLD BOSS.

Rise of Nowlin has emerged as the most successful free-to-play mobile MMO in the last two months. Thanks to all players who already join and play the game since Alpha and Early Access which resulted both in very good player feedback, excellent reviews and high ratings.

The developer ShouYou Technology, a dedicated mobile games studio in China, has worked intensively and carefully to optimize gameplay, characters, graphics and the whole game system so players can get the best mobile game experience a new MMORPG can offer today.

During this important milestone, all account IDs created during Early Access will NOT be wiped and CAN login to the game and continue their character progress.

Additionally, the team announced a reward for current pre-registered testers with gems and diamonds as a reward for their support and loyalty. Players also enjoy Open Beta events from new exclusive mounts, costumes, top levels and guilds.

Download and play now! You can find this exciting new game Rise of Nowlin on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eightelements.shouyou.ron.en.
The game will run best on all devices supporting 64-bit APK, 4GB RAM, Android 8.0 (Oreo) and above but cannot be played on lower spec mobile phones.

Rise of Nowlin will be available on iOS devices through Apple’s App Store in a few days.


- First day login parade! All players will get 1000 pink diamonds on the first Open Beta day
- New mounts and new fancy costumes
- Epic quest boss killer and rare items from it
- Fantastic events from Top Level (solo), Top Guild, Hide and Seek and many more!
- Join the epic massive battle between two camps: Light and Dark

More information can be found on Facebook: @riseofnowlin and Youtube: 8elements at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZbpKHfM0vjDJZ9zc5SiqRg
Please also visit http://www.facebook.com/8elements

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