Rise of the Tomb Raider releases for Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2015.

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    The game will feature a crafting system, allowing players to create items by scavenging materials from plants and animals in the game's harsh environment.


    img src via http://www.twinfinite.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Action-Lara.jpg

    This 14-minutes gameplay demo will show the combat redesigned with more options for stealth and sneak attacks. Lara can confuse enemies using the environment, hide behind bushes or in trees, or avoid combat altogether by climbing trees or traveling across roof tops. The bow and arrow return from Tomb Raider. Options for multiple bows can be fashioned from specific animals and materials that Lara can hunt and salvage. Other weapons such as her pistol and climbing axe make a return, plus an added hunting knife for melee or sneak attacks

    via url = www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmvW250Cm_g

    news via http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/22/8826347/rise-of-the-tomb-raider-e3-2015-xbox-one-playthrough

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