Rising and not Falling: Fall Guys reaches 1.5 million players in just 24 hours PC 

Sometimes we just want to have some fun in our games, meanwhile sometimes we want to be competitive and win it all, but what if you could do both and have fun at the same time. That's the kind of fun that today's topic will bring to you and it is no wonder how they got their feat so quickly that they need to fix the servers ASAP. We're talking about Fall Guys!

Fall Guys.jpg

Fall Guys, or Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a game for PC and Playstation 4 that plays like Wipeout or Takeshi Castle if you remember those shows. Basically, you have to go through tons of obstacles, different challenges and overcome them to take the crown and win the game. Buuuuuut, there is more that what you expect it to be. Since, there's competition!

That's right, you will face off with multiple enemies and you will be doing your best to fight and win it. You can be one-upped, you can pace yourself, you can time it right, the only thing that matters is winning. But the competitive aspect is overshadowed by the fact that the game is massively fun and hilarious as everyone flails and attempts to get ahead only to be hit and be inconvenienced by an obstacle. You can also experience that but instead of being pressured, laugh at your hilarity and how you could have done better. Well, that goes for those who are not so serious at everything. But I digress.

Fall Guys b.jpg

In fact, the game is such a hit right now that it had achieved 1.5 million players in only a day. Imagine the flock of people wanting to try it out and have some fun since the pandemic has gotten us down in the dumps. Massive props to Mediatronic and Devolver Digital for hitting the ballpark with this one. Another thing to notice is that if you go to their Steam page. They are addressing an issue about the server. They did not expect this amount of players that they are telling us to please be patient as they are addressing the server issue. Well, it just goes to show how the people really enjoyed the game.

Well, the game is up right now in Steam for P449.95 plus the additional content for P359.95 but that's optional. But I am pretty curious on this game as well and might pick it up soon. I miss the old game of Wipeout back in the phones and having the fun with other people and friends, now that's a game changer. Would you play Fall Guys as well? Tell us in the comments section!