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Aug 12, 2015
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TIPS: A quickie guide to Support Sage #1 - Check the LEVEL

Since there is no maintenance today, Loki's Philosopher Queen, Serenedipity, was at the West Orc Village this morning endowing Adventurers again for free! Players enjoyed their improved weapon attack damage by enchanting with Frost Weapon.

Thanks for the 3x Miracle Medicine and for the players who partied with her. She's now Level 82 and learned her Magic Rod! Our goal to reach Level 90 is nearing its fruition. Last night, I've been told by a stranger to ask 30K zeny for each endow. I refused. I would not commercialize for something that doesn't last forever (20-30 min. buff only).

Pero sa tip na ito, may forever: Where do you level up your Support Sage without resorting to mere leeching? Maximize the effects of the skills!

• Assuming your Base Level is 55 upon changing job to Sage, boost your Job Level at Ayothaya (Leaf Cats).
There is a quest but the materials can be conveniently bought there. Players vend. Just choose the ones not overpriced. Leave the map until you get little to no exp at all. Kill the Wootan Fighters (maghiganti /gg) with FD+LB or CB for base experience.

• Level 60-70: Geographers!
FB lang. Kapag may Pungus, FD mo muna. Mamaya na siya kamo. Tsaka mo banatan kapag cleared na ang Geo. May yellow gemstone drop siya for your skills. When there are a lot of neighboring Geos, FD the others to avoid healing. If you have FW, push them away. You may use Volcano on the spot to amplify your fire damage.

• Level 70-80: High Orcs at West Orc Village (warp at Geffen)
By this time, you shall have Free Cast (any level). FD+LB / CB while walking away from them... slowly. Careful not to leave them out of the screen. Party with the other players! You may move to Clock Tower and team up so you can make use of Deluge.

That's all for now. Don't rush leveling up. Party! Party! You may not gain experience fast but you gain friends that will last forever.

QUESTIONS? Comment below. We will answer your queries. Let's turn this thread into a forum. :)

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