RO - How to create an Endow Sage


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Aug 12, 2015
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HOW TO CREATE AN ENDOW SAGE in just a few hours. If you want your sage to be WoE Support or Hindsight/Freecaster, this is not your guide.

ENDOW grants a weapon elemental property for 20-30 mins depending on skill level. VVVS wpn+endow OR Carded Wpn+endow is better than elemental weapons.

Must have: Arcwand (or better)
Good to have: alarm sandals. 1-2 Job Manuals.

1. NOVICE. Your target is to stay in the academy till base 23. I will explain why later. Talk to the 5 people who give quests only after reaching base 13.
Dex10, rest to Int.

talk to Brade at base13, he will give you 1 level + change. kill some to get some XP and you get to base15.

Talk to the mage and take her quest, she will give you 1 level + change. get some XP and you will get to base17.

Talk to the thief and take his quest, he will give you 1level + change, get some XP and you will get to 19.

Talk to the knight and take her quest, she will give you 1 level + change, get some xp and you will get to base 21.

Finally, talk to the merchant and take his quest, he will give you 1 level and change. kills some monsters and DATA!! you are 23.

2. CHANGE JOB to MAGE. Talk to the mage again so she will transport you to the geffen for the job change. Changing jobs is easy just google it.

TIP: milk is sold in izlude near the meat dealer. after changing job to a mage, talk to the person outside the mage guild, she will give you 1 job level. Buy NPC Arcwand in geffen.

3. MAGE 1-30. Go to alberta....go to spore map (left>down>left). Kill spores using novice cutter, the goal is to get a few jobs and pump firebolt & get to base24.

Once you get to base24, you can now wear the arcwand. Go to the wolf map (alberta>left>left). You can 1shot the wolf. Max firebolt. Put more int.

4. MAGE 31-40. Hode Map (Morroc>Down>down). 1shot hode. Max SP regen skill. Put more int.

5. MAGE 41 - job change. GEO Map (juno>down>right). kill Geographers, flywing when in doubt.

TIP: Get alarm sandals for more HP so you don't die easily. skill points at this stage does not matter just make sure to get icebolt1 and lightningbolt1, all you need is firebolt10 to get to job40. if you have excess job manuals, this is the time to use it.

6. Job change in Juno. Tada! you have a sage. Kill geographers again to get job skill points. get endow blaze2, endow tornado2, and endow tsunami2.

That's all the skills you need. Buy elemental stones.
YOU ARE DONE. Party your sage with your melee class to endow element.

PS: Mages are good low level (1-30) leechers. (wolf and hode map)