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Jul 24, 2018
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Considering that this Server is crowded, and the classic maps are different from the pre-renewal and renewal maps, I have decided to create my own guide on leveling up your thief. Which mobs give the best XP for you with the least amount of potions.

UPDATE: I found a new way to level to up a Thief. I realized that thieves can actually wear BOWS. This makes them Elemental! Since the arrow quivers can be easily bought in rok shops. NO NEED to buy a VVS Wind Damascus that will cost you a fortune. Just buy a Bow and equip your elemental Arrow. The first thing I did was equip it with a wind arrow and kill Spores since they receive 75% more damage from wind. Job level 10 in 30 minutes! Take note that this is most effective with DEX type build Thieves. If you plan to have 80 str, 80 agi, 60 dex… while you are leveling up, go for 60 dex first. So you will act like you are an archer at this point.

Thief Job Level 1-15
So you just changed your job from Novice. Go back to Pyramid Level 1 and kill some Spores, Familiars, and Poporings until you get an HP of at least 220.I was level 15 when I achieved this HP.

Alternative place, much faster… Alberta has been the most underrated place to save. People think that it’s far away from leveling spots but IN FACT, it’s actually one of the best places to STAY. Once you enter the field, at north, you’ll find EGGYRAS, at west, you’ll find WOLVES, at the south, you’ll find SPORES, southwest, you find MORE SPORES, northeast you find GREATEST GENERAL and HORONGS, POISON SPORES and EGGYRAS. Remember that they are all listed in the TOP 50 JOB XP MOBS!

So here, you just equip a wind arrow, prioritize dex, and spores will die twice faster than a dagger. Just 3 hits!

Job Level Level 15-25
Then go to Morroc Field 16 or any other fields where you can find Muka. That is 1 Map Up of Morroc Then go Right. They can also be seen 2 maps below Morroc, but it is a bit crowded down there since there are also Hodes that mages prefer to kill.

As you could see on the Featured Image above, Mukas is one of the BEST XP giving mob ever in the game.

Muka (Job Level 15-25)

With a Base Exp Per HP of 0.448: 1, that’s almost TWICE EFFICIENT as the amount of XP a Poporing gives and more than THREE TIMES XP than a Poporing. Anyway, if you have some zany, go buy a cutter at least, or just ask from people on the town for a main gauche or any spare dagger. If you have a sword, do equip it, it will deal more damage to Mukas.

With Bow Alternative, equip a fire arrow and this guy will die thrice faster.

Andre (Job Level 15-20)
To be honest, you could just keep killing Mukas until you go level 35, but if you’re bored and wanna try other maps, here’s a guide on How to pick a leveling spot on Classic Ragnarok Online.

Anyway, using that guide, I went to try other maps like Ant Hell since there are LOTS of LOOTS there and I was able to get 7k zeny farming there for 30 minutes or 1 field manual. As a starter, that’s good enough for you to get a better weapon other than your knife. The downside on anthell is that it is a bit hard to go into and the exp is not that good. I also leveled up to Level 35 from Level 30. Since I stayed at the Muka map until Level 30.

Wolves (Job Level 15-25)
2 Maps South of Payon

I tried this one here in payon field 02 but it was also crowded, I even tried Mjolnir field 09, but it’s a waste of fly wing if you want to level up fast. You could party up here in payon_fild_02, but it’s not the fastest way to level up as a lone wolf, in my opinion.

New Alternative, Eggyras (Job Level 15-25)

1 Map Left, 1 Map Top of Alberta; 2 Maps Down, 1 Map Right from Payon;

Spores and Eggyras have always been my favorite mobs so far since they give great job xp. Just equip an Immaterial Arrow and kill these mobs in no time. Make sure you have around 30-50 Dex Already at this point since you’d want to increase your damage against a high VIT high DEF eggshell. It would also be lovely if they drop pet incubators. They sell 1,500z to NPCs and even more to players who need pets.

Job Level 25 -41 or 50
Yes, you could already job change at Job level 41 since it is not highly required to max out other skills aside from the passive skills and STEAL. But remember that you could get a Katar[2] or Jur[3] if you get Job Level 50. So it’s up to you.

Outside Orc Dungeon (Job Level 25-40)
Kafra Warp in Geffen and Prontera

Byalan (Job Level 25-40)
Top Right Side of Izlude

This was the time I went to Byalan. You actually go here from level 15 onwards but the XP is not that great because of high competition in the game. There are lots of people in here that’s why I didn’t go here earlier.

Actually, considering it is a dungeon, there were tons of people inside and the competition was high. Also, the swordfish’s flee rate was high for me to hit. I needed a mummy card or higher dex to farm their faster. Obeune was a good target for leveling up, but it is really crowded so I left.

Toy Factory 2 (Job Level 25-50)
Topmost of Lutie

Toy Factory is definitely the best farming and leveling site currently in game for a thief. Since metalings don’t exist yet. Myst Cases having 0.323:1 Base XP per HP and Cruisers with 0.39:1 Base XP per HP give me more than 1% XP with very less effort. Also the loots will definitely make you happy.

A piece of Cake for 1500 zeny, Pearls for 3000z, Well-Baked Cookies for 500 zeny, and a try-your-luck old blue box. I have also leveled up Steal Skill to Level 10 which gives me the possibility of stealing 2 Piece of Cakes or 2 Pearls PER Myst Case. But because of the competition, I was able to gather lower than the zeny I could get in Orc Warriors and Orc Ladies. Weird.

How to Get to Toy Factory from Prontera? First, warp to Geffen through a Kafra, then warp to Al de Baran, then talk to this Santa Claus. You will arrive in a snowy area in Lutie. Keep going North until you arrive a Toy Factory. Take note! If you see a weird looking Santa Claus in the field, don’t fight it. Hahaha, Santa is not a nice guy in this game.

Greatest General and Horongs (Job Level 25-50)
2 Map Right, 1 Map Down from Payon

The range of a thief is actually short, but it is long enough not to get physically hit by an annoying General. How about the damage? What the hell is that YELLOW thing there? YOU HAVE DOUBLE STRAFE??? No. Just equip a sidewinder hat or sidewinder card to your beloved gakkung bow and enjoy the LEVEL 10 DOUBLE ATTACK while USING A BOW. You will job level to 50 here in no time.

Ayothaya (Job 25-50)
If you are looking to Job level up as soon as possible. Leaf Cats are the best choice. Make sure you bring a fire arrow. But sometimes when the best choice is too crowded you find the second best. So that’s one reason why I didn’t take time to get my Bow Type Thief to do the Ayothaya Quest because it’s too populated already… which is the reason why I don’t have a screenshot. Anyway, I had to improvise, I had to go to Umbala and go 1 map down where there are tons of Beetle Kings.

Umbala – Beetle Kings (Job 25-50)
To Umbala (Morroc > Comodo > Umbala) then go 1 map Down

Beetle Kings are the higher level wolves. They are both great xp givers. Actually, they give better XP. Wolves give 0.358:1 Base XP per HP and 0.217:1 Job XP per HP while Beetle Kings give 0.362:1 Base XP per HP and 0.236:1 Job XP per HP. Also, they are both ASSISTS! Which means, MORE MOBS FOR YOU TO KILL ASAP! Though… it reduces your flee when you are mobbed. PLUS! GET A CHANCE TO WIN GUARD[1]!!!

I achieved Job level 50 just by farming here. But I didn’t job change yet since I’m planning to make this Bow Type Thief a Rogue.

At level 65, I would advise a Thief/Rogue to buy this so he won’t have to spend his skill points on Vulture’s Eye. In Revo-Classic it says that it can only be worn by Rogues and Hunters. In RMS it says that i could also be equipped by a Thief. Let’s see which one is correct since REVO-CLASSIC has A LOT of WRONG DESCRIPTIONS like Peco peco hair band for example.

I will create an Assassin Leveling Guide soon. Here’s my Assassin today… Enjoy!


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