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Aug 12, 2015
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Many people have said that building up a Battle Sage is a delicate process. This is more true in classic servers, but less so in Revo-classic. The reason being that equipment atk and matk is buffed, so you don't NEED high str or int immediately. It's easier now to make a Battle Sage, but getting equips is the challenge now due to the lack of matk books. So how do you build up a Battle Sage? Well...

1) Level like a mage - don't put str while mage-ing about. You are an offensive god for 1st jobs - take advantage of that.

2) Spores are your best friend early on. Train on them until you can 1-cast your next target (edit: e.g. muka or wolf for firebolt). Dex 20 is nice if you plan to melee em spores (they're weak to lightning btw)

3) 50 int is enough - str and int are nerfed in Revo mechanics, so no need to pump it to the extreme asap. You can opt for higher int, but your battle aspect may take too long

4) After int, 50 agi is enough - you're aiming for more aspd w/ agi. Flee is nice, but we don't have skills for it. Pantie+underwear is awesome tho. As with int, you can opt for higher agi as you level, and this scales better than higher int. But, investing in str can net you better damage/stat point than going full agi

5) In terms of which skill to level first, free cast>auto-spell - more aspd = more procs. Just lvl 4 auto-spell for Lvl3 bolts, then max free cast, then auto-spell

6) How to use auto-spell: always be casting bolts while auto-attacking. The delayed burst from your manual cast + auto-attack w/ auto-spell = great dps. Heck, my 52 sage out damaged my friend's 64 sin at Byalan. And I wasn't even using an matk book

7) No matk book? Switch weapons! - keep your staff on a hotkey, auto with your book/dagger, then switch to staff right before your spell ends, then switch back to your book while waiting for the cooldown to end. It is tedious, but you can see your battle sage functioning while saving up/waiting for available matk book

8) enough dex (~30) > boosting str - while building your sage up, your primary source of damage is your spells. Higher dex = more spells & attacks hit more. Str can wait to become a bigger source of dmg