ROBA’s Pre-CBT Wraps Up with a Blast, Ragnarok: Battle Academy ends its Pre-CBT after garnering much attention during the 7-day period

When Ragnarok: Battle Academy (ROBA) launches the Pre-CBT, an overwhelming number of players took the chance to experience the game in its early version. It’s safe to say that the new game with an interesting combination of game mechanics had piqued the interest of both players familiar to the franchise and those who had their first experience with the name Ragnarok.



As the new game was derived from the classic Ragnarok Online, many of the veteran players were excited to see familiar elements of their beloved game in ROBA like the enemies, the classes, and their skill sets. Meanwhile, participants with fresh experience were either familiar with other games of the same genre and was able to quickly adapt to the gameplay. Some others who are entirely a novice still had fun teaming up or going solo in conquering each round.

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The team behind the game, EXE Studios under Electronics Extreme Co. Ltd, expresses their heartfelt gratitude to everyone’s participation and anticipation to the game. With the feedback they have received, they promise to strive for improvement of the game, so that it will be even well-received by more players when it will be officially launched.

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