Roblox Famous “Oof” Sound Effect has now been removed from the platform

Players who have been around Roblox for quite some time now will be familiar with one of the platform's well-known sound effects, it is the childish “oof” sound that plays every time a player dies.


For people who haven’t heard of it, this is what the “oof” sounds like:

Unfortunately, the sound has now been removed from Roblox entirely. It was announced through the end of a series of announcements about changes being made to Roblox’s asset store. The “oof ” sound is now replaced with a new “default.”

This isn’t the first time that Roblox faced an issue with the usage of this sound as the “oof” sound is actually wasn’t made by anyone from Roblox. In fact, it was made by Tommy Tallarico for the FPS Messiah that was released in 2000. He was formerly a video game composer and more recently CEO of the doomed Intellivision.

When Tallarico first discovered that the effect was being used by Roblox, he came to an agreement with the platform that anyone who builds a game and will use the effect for their creation will have to pay $1 or 100 Robux for them to be allowed to use it. Tallarico also agreed to “develop other paid sounds for Roblox.”

And as it turns out, something has happened to the agreement between Tallarico and Roblox as the sound effect is now removed from the platform. Either it expired or there has been a disagreement.