Roblox is about to turn PG13 as it aims to feature Virtual Dating and Movie Screenings

A Creators Roadmap for Late 2023 has been made public by Roblox, and it includes a variety of new services including Virtual Dating and Movie Screenings that are targeted at luring adult users to the platform.


In an effort to draw users, Roblox is continuously introducing new features to its already-existing metaverse. People that want to explore the metaverse and go on their own original adventures have turned to the game as their main source of inspiration. Over the years, various features have been added to the game, including animated facial expressions and voice chat with avatars. For the players that are still invested in the game, these additions have made it feel even more like a metaverse.

However, in a drive to draw and keep more adult users, Roblox recently unveiled significant platform updates with the release of the Fall 2023 Creator Roadmap. A more extensive strategy can include things like movie screenings and online dating. Additionally, Roblox will make Relaxed Text Filtering available to its adult player base.

Adult Experiences are coming to Roblox soon featuring Virtual Dating and Movie Screenings​

The metaverse platform Roblox has recently made an effort to attract a more mature audience by adding new features. Roblox has typically catered to a younger age. The Fall 2023 Creator Roadmap for Roblox Corporation has been made public, and as part of their Our Vision for all ages campaign, they aim to add adult-only services like Virtual Dating, Indie Movie Screenings, and Social Nights.

Roblox hopes that by offering so many different things to do, adult users will sign up for the website and explore the real social metaverse outside of the confines of a "game" and make new friends. The service seems to be in competition with Meta, which also provides a metaverse through Horizon Worlds for users to connect and communicate.


Additionally, Roblox will soon offer Relaxed Text Filtering, which will let users to freely utilize acronyms like LMAO in chat. The availability of the function in the game is still a mystery to the players.