Roblox’s New Patent System will implement Age-Appropriate Content Recommendations

Guild of Guardians
According to the recent Roblox Corporation patent filing, the company is curating a feature for the platform wherein age-appropriate content will be pushed to players through automated recommendations in the future. This seems to be an attempt of the game to make it more user-friendly for players from all ages.


Through the latest Roblox Corporation patent, it intends to use new systems and existing computing capabilities to present Roblox users with "suitable" age-appropriate content. For example, child-friendly games will be recommended to kids below a certain age. If this patent is implemented, it will make the exploration of the marketplace easier as it will recommend content that best fits each player since it will also consider gender, location, regional regulations, and personal preferences.

Now, as this is still in its development process, it might take some time for it to be fully implemented in the game. It’s also unknown when we can expect it. But as Roblox is now a well-known game platform with hundreds of millions of players logging into one of tens of thousands of its games, with game developers having easy access to create more games, it’s really now the perfect time for the game to have this kind of regulation.

It’s also important to note that this might be Roblox’s way to protect its minor users from any harm since the game was entangled in several controversies before over their content and policies. Stay tuned for further updates!

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