Rock Band 4 Review

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    Rock Band handled this same subject matter in a far more elegant way. Remember those loading screens that showed your band casually hanging around a heavily lived-in practice space or riding the subway with all their instruments in tow? Simple as they were, those scenes subtly relayed a story in a very universal way. This game? Nothing but expositional menu text, which made any feelings of immersion or investment nearly impossible.


    Accordingly, sections that were previously populated with colorful notes now give way to less cluttered runways filled with subtler visual cues. If you want to maintain your combo multiplier, you might be asked to hold notes on the high frets or strum 16th notes on the lower buttons depending on the pattern displayed on the track. Regardless of whether you follow along or just totally do your own thing, the game will produce a unique new solo that matches your inputs.


    Guitarists aren’t the only ones who get a little added room for creativity. In addition to the inclusion of three part harmonies, singers can now earn points for singing basically anything in the right key. Similarly, drummers now have three options when it comes to solo sections: Static Fills, which mirror the actual recorded fill; Classic Fills, which let you just go nuts; and Dynamic Fills, which pull a random, pre-authored fill from a library, providing a welcome compromise between the chaos of Classic Fills and the predictability of Static Fills.

    source via gamespot

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