Rocket League: How To Play Cross-Platform PC PS4 XBox One 


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Jun 10, 2022
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In Rocket League you can enable or disable Cross-Platform-playing, so if you have a PS4 and your friend a Xbox, you can still enjoy the game together thanks to crossplay. Here's what you have to do in the Rocket League settings to assure that it works.
Rocket League is best played with friends. The problem is, friends often own different consoles, and many games don't let you play cross-platform. Is Rocket League any different? Is Rocket League cross-platform? Well, that's what we're here to tell you, but first, we have to nerd out for a moment...
Rocket League is a blast, and you should have some friends around for some snacks and a nice Rocket League split-screen co-op game. Seriously, it's amazing. As you know, Rocket League is the perfect game to play with friends, so let's dive into two key questions: Is Rocket League cross-platform, and if it is, how can you play Rocket League cross-play?
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Enable Crossplay in Rocket League: This Is How It Works
To make cross-platform play work in Rocket League, the associated function has to be enabled, which should be the case by default. If you unintentionally disabled it in the past, you need to complete the following steps. They are pretty simple, and you can complete them again to also disable cross-platform play, if you so desire.

Launch Rocket League on your respective console/platform
No matter which platform you play the game on, you can only activate or deactivate cross-platform play from within the game's settings menu. To do this you need to actually launch the game.

Head over to the Settings Menu
Select the Settings Menu from the game's home screen. It's pretty obvious, as it's literally labelled as "Settings". Honestly, I hope you can figure this out, because if you can't... then you probably won't do too well at Rocket League!

Click on the Gameplay Tab
The first tab along the top should read "Gameplay". You need to be in this tab to be able to enable cross-platform play in Rocket League.

Check the Cross-Platform box
The third option down should literally read "Cross-Platform Play" and there is a little check box next to it. If there is a tick in the box then it is already activated, but if not, you need to navigate down to this option, select it, and toggle the box so that it has a tick in it.

Cross-play is now enabled
Now that you have made sure that the cross-platform play button has been ticked, you can join players on all platforms. If you want to turn it off in the future then you just need to uncheck this box. The game should just work, there's no need for a restart.