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Sep 18, 2014
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Ring of Elysium CBT2 Patch Notes (April 19 2018)

  1. Gameplay
    • Bullets are now affected by air resistance and their velocity will gradually decrease.
    • The sensitivity of 2x scope in ads mode increased by 50%
    • When holding a grenade, you can press “5” to switch to a different available type of grenade.
    • Optimized the tick marks for 4x scope and 8x scope.
    • Hit markers appear slightly further away from the center of the screen when shooting enemies, to improve visibility while shooting.
    • Hit markers displayed in red after killing an enemy.
  2. Key & Settings
    • Added a “toggle” setting for running, and can press “shift to toggle between run and walk”
  3. Animation
    • Optimized vaulting experience
  4. Client Performance
    • Upon game launch, graphic settings will automatically default based on computer hardware.
  5. Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed an issue that caused character’s health points to show as “0”.
Download Manual Patch here:

About RoE
Ring of Elysium or RoE is an upcoming Free to Play PC Battle Royale game developed by Tencent. It's currently available on Garena Thailand and Indonesia. RoE is also known as Europa in some western regions.

Gameplay Preview

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ROE CBT2 Patch Notes (Apr 12, 61)

Update this week. It's a fine-tuning of the gameplay and UI tuning, including the development of FPS within the game, and ultimately the bug fixes.


  1. when healing himself Can move slowly while standing or shortening.
  2. The damage received from different parts of the body will be calculated more accurately.
  3. If the enemy is beyond 200 meters, the fire from the muzzle will not be shown.
  4. Adjust the center point of the Red Dot better.

System & UI

  1. Adjust the order of items on the floor.
  2. Add an icon near the artery to show the luggage area, durability of the armor. And the durability of the remaining hats.
  3. If you leave the server, there will be a notification on the screen.
  4. Can set Auto Peek on / off (default is enabled)
  5. Can set Auto Peek on / off when aiming through Scope (default is enabled)
Client Performance
  1. The game has improved the game's FPS better and more stable.

  1. adjust some movement of the character.

Bugs Fixes & Security
  1. Resolve the problem with other characters with more pings.
  2. Fixed a problem that caused the shooting time in Auto mode to stop firing manually.
  3. Fixing the problem of a floating car like a UFO on a plane.
  4. Fixed an issue where the Auto Peek system would not respond after a player leaned out of the shelter several times.
  5. Some objects in the game are adjusted in order to prevent them from entering or penetrating.
  6. Fixed a problem where targeting (Q button) could not exceed 1,000 meters.
  7. Fixed the issue that setting up Microphone Boost does not affect settings on Windows anymore.
April 5

In this update. We have improved the experience of the game. And are trying to fix a bug that caused the game
  1. A notification message when changing shooting modes and Scope
  2. Adjust the keys of changing Scope (default: CTRL + V) and. Shooting mode (Default: B)
  3. Red Dot and Holographic look while using the Scope mode.
  4. Scope change time is a sound effect.
  5. Adjust the sound of the plane at the beginning of the game. Light down.
  6. Players can pick up trucks in the middle. Do not come to the car door.
  7. Improve Auto Peek performance and make it easier to use.
  8. Improve the climbing experience. And this one can choose to climb the barrier while shortening it.
  9. Upgrade to 1600 * 900
  • There are some improvements to the warp characters.
  • Additional bug fixes will be added next time.
  • Improved bug fixes in some situations.
  • A few bug fixes.