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Sep 25, 2018
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I've put up this little FAQ in hopes of putting to rest the almost daily repetitive questions regarding how to install ROE.

Q: I'm located in [insert non-NA region here] and I want to play ROE. I can't search the game on Steam. Please help!
A: ROE was officially released on Steam Early Access on 09/19/2018 but it's only OFFICIALLY available in NA (North America).

Q: I'm located in the Philippines, but it just says "Coming soon" on my Garena client.
A: Only those people who were able to participate during the Pioneer Test (Sept 1-15) will be able to access Pioneer Test 2.0 (Sept 19-30).

Q: But I remember playing ROE before, I used to be able to access it on the Thailand Garena server!
A: The Pioneer Test for Thailand is over and it is completely different from the Pioneer Test for Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Sept 1-15). Being part of the Thailand Pioneer Test does not guarantee you access to the Pioneer Test 2.0 (Sept 19-30).

Q: Is there a way for me to join the Garena Pioneer Test 2.0?
A: People who have access to the Pioneer Test 2.0 were given 5 invites each. You just need to find someone who would be willing to give you one of their invites.

Q: I'm located in [insert non-NA region here] and my Steam region does not have ROE. I also don't have any friends who can invite me to the Garena Pioneer Test 2.0. Is there any other way for me to play ROE?
A: Your last resort is to change your Steam region to US. First, you need a VPN that can connect you to a US server. (Eg. Tunnelbear) Log in to your Steam, change your Steam account's address into a US address. Afterwards, you should be able to download the game. IMPORTANT: Going this route, you will be in violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement, which could lead to Valve permanently suspending/banning your Steam account. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Q: I am aware of the risk and I wish to continue. Do I need to keep my VPN turned on during the whole time I'm playing the game?
A: Not really. As soon as you finish changing your Steam region to US, you can turn off your VPN. Download and install the game first. Afterwards, sign out of Steam, turn your VPN back on, log back in on Steam and launch the game. Go through the whole process of creating your character, and start matchmaking. Wait until it says "Match Found". As soon as the loading screen appears, you can turn off your VPN. Subsequent matches wouldn't require it turned on. The only time you need to turn your VPN back on is when you close the game/sign out of Steam.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment down below and I'll help you as best as I can.

- credits to Mark Lester Buenaobra

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