Roger Guide and Build


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Oct 9, 2018
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Roger is a very strong and mobile damage dealer. I don't consider him a Marksman but a Fighter/Assassin that can also attack from a range when needed and this si because most of the time we will be in our Wolf Form which is melee and it's also the form that gives us the most damage output. He is not the easiest hero to master because of the higher number of skills available and the two different forms you can assume, it's going to take some experience to learn when it’s best to use a form or the other.


-Maxing out your 1st skill gives you more damage while maxing out the 2nd skill gives you a nice lower cooldown in Human Form but most importantly a stronger Attack Speed buff in Wolf Form. Lately I’ve been maxing out my 2nd Skill because it gives me a lot of farming and damage potential while in Wolf Form.

-I personally consider Roger as a hero who is really hard to master because it requires a deep understanding of the potential of both his Human\Wolf Form so you know when it’s the right time to be in one or the other form. Don’t feel bad if you are not great with him from the start and keep practicing.

-You can use both your transformation to Wolf Form and the transformation to Human Form to jump through obstacles like walls, use this to your advantage to move faster around the map, to escape or to set up ganks.

-Having the Ultimate available since lv1 gives Roger access to many more skills compared to all other heroes, this makes him a very strong early levels fighter! (lv 1-3).

ROGER build (see picture)