[ROGUARD] Restore Original Files on iOS Device over WiFi


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Sep 20, 2018
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Restore Original Files on iOS (Wifi)

This Guide will explain step by step, how to restore the original files on an ios Device over WiFi. The iOS Version is unimportant this guide works on ios 9 up to the newest version.

Step 0: Update your Client
In order to be able to restore the original files, you have to make sure that your client is up to date first!

Step 1: Setup Proxy
Go to your Wifi Settings and setup a proxy with the following details.

Server: proxy.roguard.net
Port: 8889

Server: proxy-sg.roguard.net
Port: 8889

Add those Details and tap Save on the top right corner.

Step 2: Download the Certificate

2.1 The next step is to download the certificate from our Server.
Open your Safari and enter the following url to download the correct certificate for your client.

China: http://roguard.patch/china
Korea: http://roguard.patch/korea
Taiwan: http://roguard.patch/taiwan

As soon as you send the request, you should see the popup as on the picture on the right side.

Accept and go forward.

2.2 As soon as you have accepted, you will see this screen. Top Install on the top right corner.

2.3 It will ask you for your passcode of the device to be able to install the certificate.

2.4 After you entered your passcode correctly, you will see this screen. Just tap again Install on the top right corner.

2.5 After you have tapped again install, you will see the screen to your right. and it will tell you that the certificate has been installed correctly.

2.6 after the certificate has been installed correctly,

it needs to be trusted.
Go to General -> About -> Trust Certificate Settings.
You will see the following Screen. (Screenshot right side)
tap the small white bubble to enable the certificate.

2.7 It will tell you that you are going to trust a root certificate. this is intended as we would otherwise not be able to communicate with the client.

2.8 After you have accepted to trust the certificate the bubble will be highlighted with a green background.

Step 3. Restore the Files
Now we are going to restore the original Files.
Open your Ragnarok Client which you want to restore the files on.
If you have setup the proxy and certificate correctly, you will see a popup message.

the standard Popup message will tell you that it will restore the original files now.
but there are also other popups.

Version Missmatch
If your client is not able to be restored, you will see a popup which tells you that you client is not up to date. See below

Onces installed you will see this message. now disable your proxy and restart the Ragnarok Client. and you should be good to go.