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Tony Jacobo

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Jul 29, 2016
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Hi fellow Rogues,

I just got back from playing Rogue Life: Squad Goals. As I visited and played the game, I happened to encounter this kind of pop-up ads. Vincent Package from the past is around Php 142.00 and not Php 42.00. I was so surprise and thought that they got a hero sale. But on the back of my mind, what if this just an error on developer side. Here is the sample screenshot as I was about playing the game.

Look at the price. Isn't suspicious? I might not bait it since it could be SPAM or issue that could ruin my gaming experience. I better pass this out and just continue playing the game. This is really tempting to tell you honestly, but since I have experienced it in some other games, this could lead to something really terrible and could cause dilemma as I play the game along the way.

Same goes to above. Price issue also gives me doubt to avail it. How would it be so simple to purchase it with the low cost. They should have put up a SALE word for us, players to know that they're intended to be on low cost. But I didn't grasp that price instead I continue playing. As I have checked Facebook posts from Rogue Life Players most players have same curiosity about it. They even posted it in RL FB PH Pages to know if its legit or not. I believe they already fixed it today, January 19, 2017 same day as the issue occurred. I hope it will be lessen as it could bring or shaken Rogue Life world instantly. Don't ABUSE. Be EDUCATED. Play FAIR and SQUARE.

Enjoy playing Rogue Life: Squad Goals!

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