Rohan M Soon To Have Its SEA Release

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Another classic PC MMORPG will soon arrive for SEA gamers in the form of Rohan M. And this time it's all about getting your sweet revenge once more!

Developed by NX3 games and to be published by Playwith Thailand, Rohan M will bring you once more one of the bloodiest MMORPG in mobile version with all the familiar features of its old PC predecessor game. This includes, of course, the "vengeance" system that strongly puts players in a more PVP oriented environment; allowing you to track and hunt other players for an absolute payback.

Other features that also retained in the game include Township Battle, Castle Siege Warfare and Power Arena. Those features clearly show that the MMORPG will really opt to capitalize on more player to player interaction. The Trading System has also returned to make the gamers able to sell, buy and trade items within the game.

The same character classes will also grace Rohan M from Darkmage Elf to Human Knight. An auto-attack system is also included among its highlights to provide a hands-free combat. This could be a double-edged feature knowing that gamers nowadays have a la lot of negative feedbacks with an auto-combat system that is prevalent in many mobile MMORPG. It might turn out that the action it promises might become an idle-RPG in the end!

Will Rohan entice us more with brand new RPG action or will it be just another grind to death boring MMORPG? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section. Watch out for upcoming updates on Rohan M's official page.

Game Guide Basic system

Let us introduce to you about the basic system of the game Rohan M before setting forth to an adventure. Read through the basic guidelines to learn more about the fun and excitement that awaits you. Hurry, join us!

Guide Account

You can play Rohan M at ease by connecting your accounts through Google+ and Facebook!

Classes & Naming
  • Classes: Rohan has a total of 4 classes for you to choose!
  • Naming: You are only allowed to have 1 - 8 alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z and 0-9) when naming a character.
  • So, be sure to think about it carefully before deciding your desired name!

Main Menu
The menu bar is specially designed for the convenience of users.

Chat System
Socialize in-game through various Chat Channels available in the game.

Game Guide Manage Friends
  • Get connected with your in-game buddies by adding them on your friend-list.
  • The block feature might also come handy at some instances!
  • Add upto 50 Friends

Auto-Attack System
  • Getting more levels and items while resting? Our Auto-Attack system is built for you! Don't forget to stock your potions or your character might fall asleep for good.
  • Need to preserve your phone battery? Rohan M's Power-saving mode adjusts your screen automatically without halting your ongoing activities!

Playwith: Rohan M, Coming Soon to SEA

Playwith Thailand is set to publish mobile game ‘Rohan M’ developed by NX3 Games for the Southeast Asian region.

Rohan M is the mobile version of the classic PC MMORPG, Rohan Online which reached more than 70,000 concurrent users in Southeast Asia.

Rohan M adopted Rohan Online’s unique system features such as 'Township Battle', ‘Castle Siege Warfare’, ‘Power Arena’, ‘ROHAN Online’s PvP Battle’. Another highlight of Rohan M is the ‘Trading System’ where players can buy, sell, and trade all kinds of items in the game with other Rohan M players.

Rohan M focuses on maintaining the trademark features of the original ROHAN Online game to give the players, old and new, the full ROHAN experience.

In addition to Rohan's unique system, Rohan M will have a multi-language system that supports up to 4 languages (Thai, English, Vietnamese and Chinese) which will be available in Southeast Asia.

Stay tuned for more updates! Pre-registration will start very soon!

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