Roles and what you should do guide


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May 11, 2015
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Roles and what you should do guide: (for beginners and additional knowledge/reminders for veteran players)

Draft pick: instaban: gusion, johnson, lancelot, helcurt/angela, aulrad
Priority picks: hayabusa, lesley, hylos, grock, jawhead, akai.

About sa winrate: let them use their heroes. Mas ganahan pa silang tumulong sayo.
On tanks: you have one job. Support your assassins and mages. Ikaw yung dapat may kalma na utak.Ikaw nagiinitiate ng fights. Ikaw sasalo ng damage

On assassins: wag pa feed. Focus sa jungle. You need to carry the team. Kill the f***king mm.

On marksman: focus on your lane. Push if possible. Wag na jungle. Focus sa turrets

On fighters: you fill in as a semi tank or assassin. Use your cc or aoe skills as possible.

On mages: spam skills. Stop feeding or susugod sa kaaway. Ano ka tank?!

On supports: focus sa team buffs. Wag yung items na damage. Sa marksman lang yan. Support your team and dapat kalma din utak mo. Ikaw yung dapat nageencourage sa kanila
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