RoM AFK Guide for Beginners


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May 8, 2019
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This Guide is Not To Brag but To Guide Beginners na AFK is Life na Prioridad ang Tunay na Buhay Kesa Laro pero Ragnarok is Layfu

Requirements: Dahil may trabaho ka naman I will assume na may Pambili ka ng PC, Laptop or Phone na Kaya mag Dual.

Madami kc nagtatanong how can I manage to Donate sa Guild with such Contri na minsan Top 1, nasa Top 5 or Top Ten eh hindi naman ako nag BobossHunt or Mini.

Im a Public School Teacher IRL, from 7am-5pm ang work and paguwi ko ang dami ko pang PAPERWORKS sa GC nga sa "Paradigm Guild" Weekend lang nila ako nakakausap, my guildmates can prove that. Haha

This is my Secret
2 CREATOR ( Alt)

Why Paladin?
Its my Favorite Class and in demand sa ET, BH and Oracle. At mas gusto ko support type sa WOE

Why 2 Creators?
Because it can manage to go up in ET until 50 as long as Amister Tank Build and Unli Sphere Parasitism Build. NO NEED FOR RUNES.

you have to invest on PETITE and ISIS OR 2 petites or 2 isis.. Depende sa Trip mo. Why?

Isis is for Minorous Pet Adventure
Petite is for GH outskirt Pet Adventure
Isis is for 90+ pet Adventure for Keys

Andyan ang Zeny

Focus on Byalan or Geffen, just check the rewards nalang kung bakit.

As long as hindi lalagpas ng 40k per donate GOODS AKO and limited to 100k-300k ako sa Gold Badge. So example 100k lang yung Rare Material makaka 3 gold medals ako in a day nun

******* MENTORING******
PRIEST with Judex
WIZ with Earth magic
HUNTER with Arrow Shower

With my Paladin

This is my 2nd Account... Kht pagod na pagod na ako sa work, i still give time to do Rifts para sa FRIENDSHIP POINTS AND MENTOR MEDALS, as of now ginagamit ko ito sa Mora Coins.. 52 Mora and 1500 FP ang meron sa inventory ko now (12/18/18)

******* LAST TIP******
DONT DO IMPULSIVE BUYING sa mga equips lalo na kung mahal pa.. Pero kung PVP lover ka wala ako maggawa dun.

But this game requires patience and ang totoong laban magsisimula sa 3rd Job.. Hopefully by that time nakapag invest ka sa Runes, kc ang mga Equipment magmumura at nasa Enchant din ang Lakas.

Walang silbi Ang Overupgrade equips kung No good Enchant.. Kaya stay sa +4 until maka enchant or maka buy ka ng good enchant. You can save zeny

Hopefully this guide will help AFK players Work Hard and Play Harder..


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May 8, 2019
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So para sa mga nalilito dyan about farming/grinding ng Rg.

Here are some of My experience trying some of them

Shield chain.

Range, easy to scale the damage, fast cd.

Costly SP wise,
Rune dependent

Its Best if you can 1 hit the mob without using mirror shield.

Easy to scale damge, can use converter, s0lash damage, low cost, very cool looking.

Melee attk so you have to get real close and other classes would have killed the mob while you are flying towards it, the splash damage deals only half of the original damage.

Earth drive.

Vit and def dependent so no change in gears necessary since most of Us have tanking gears, deals earth damage. Good for carat and harpy. Aoe damage.

Its wont move unless you put auto attck with it in the skill slot.
Deals only earth damage, meaning you can only farm on selected mobs.
Long cd Even with runes.

Sacrifice, gospel.
Cool lng

Seriously not efficient.

Final thoughts.
After trying all the diff build using My Saint set and still able to 1 shot mobs with only converters. Or Even without.
I can safely say.

SC is the Best for me.
Fast, efficient, long range, easy to scale up.