RoM CN just implemented even new restrictions


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May 1, 2019
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Permanent ban and confiscate all illegal earning:
◆ Simulating/Faking/Editing the data on server with illegal software
◆ Using software similar to Macro/Auto hotkey/Script to play the game automatically
◆ Unpack the packaged data/edit the data of the game.

Permanent/Temporary ban according to situation
◆ Using bugs to obtain abnormal earning

Permanent ban or law way
◆ Promoting illegal websites (bot/virus thingy)

Temporary ban & change name forcibly, requires to contact customer support to unban
◆ Using character/guild name that against game rules or words that containing insulting meaning.

Thing might make you listed on suspected workshop list:
◆ IP: Multiple accounts under same IP that login for a long time(If the last two address of IP are very close, it will be counted as same IP too).
◆ ID: Multiple accounts that using same real China ID and online for a long time will be listed as suspected workshop account.
◆ Gameplay: Multiple accounts under same IP that keep obtaining same resources in game, sell/transfer them to othe accounts.

What you will face:
◆ Temp/Perma ban.
◆ Please note that players that acting similar as workshop(used to login multiple accounts at the same time) will be considered as workshop and face the same consequances.

◆ Game staffs will check the players randomly 24/7 (such as: PM, mailing, asking players to do a certain movement)
◆ The data of players that reply wrongly up to 3 times/offline immediately/reject to reply/using other ways to avoid answering, will be verifying by GMs. They might kick you out of game/temp ban your account.

According to Bearnard