RoM Episode 6 Chapter 1


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Nov 4, 2018
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“The winds of the Lighthalzen wilderness are blowing from the north to the south, from dusk until dawn…
— The bard says that it is the wind that sings countless legends and stories.

The Place Where The Light and Shadows Cross

Chapter 1

It was the second day since they — Cenia and the Six Heroes — left Juno. Making their way to the Schwartzvald Republic’s capital, Lighthalzen, Cenia noticed the steady, undisturbed growth of the grass near the city of Juno. But as they walked forward, she saw the dwindling amount of grass in the field, which may have been the result of the Schwartzvald’s industrial expansion and Rekenber’s endless experimentation on its lands. She knelt down to pick up a poppy, only for it to wither and die on her hands.

A tear was shed from her eye. Is it possible to stop this stagnation from going on? Oh Odin! If you can hear us, please help this dying land!

“Hey Cenia! Keep up!”, a familiar shout brought her back from her thoughts.

“Ah, Lord Seyren!”, the young swordswoman replied. “I’m coming!”

The familiar voice came from the grey-haired Lord Knight Seyren Windsor — the leader of the mission sent to investigate the growing darkness looming over Schwartzvald’s capital. Sitting atop his Peco Peco, the Lord Knight chided his Cenia for her unwariness.

“This is not the Prontera South Gate, and you are no longer a Novice”, continued Seyren. “Monsters could attack us from anytime and anywhere!”

“I know Lord Seyren, I just…”, Cenia sobbed.

“Now, now Seyren. Cenia may have just found something worth noting. Isn’t that right, Cenia?”

Interjecting between them was a beautiful, blonde woman — a High Priestess. Her name was Margaretha Sorin, the kind-hearted Pronteran priestess soon to be an Archbishop, and the fiancee of Seyren.

“Lady Margaretha!”, Cenia exclaimed as she ran towards the priestess.

“Now look what you did to Cenia, Seyren”, Margaretha smiled as she turned her attention towards her lover. Embracing Cenia closer to her chest, she continued to criticize Seyren’s strictness.

Without anything to retort, Seyren simply pulled away from the two, moving his Peco Peco towards their destination.

“Don’t worry, Cenia. It’s fine. He’s just having one of those… fatherly instincts”, Margaretha giggled. Seyren clearly heard those words, but pretended he didn’t, continuing to guide his mount to Lighthalzen.

“Ah, it seems that Seyren went ahead and left us. Perhaps he wants to be alone with his Peco Peco now? Oh, poor me, to be replaced by a Peco Peco…”, the priestess said aloud in a sad, sarcastic tone.

Seyren and his mount stopped, as if the Peco Peco heard Margaretha’s remark. Her other companions, Cenia included, gawked at what she just said. After all, it wasn’t “Margaretha-like” to mention a joke like that.

“Enough of you lovey-doveys. We should be going to Lighthalzen now. Our mission is of utmost importance, right Seyren?” This time, a huntress interrupted the two’s “argument”. Cecil Damon, Payon’s deadliest Huntress, who is said to fell the mighty Eddga in one hit.

“Yes. And this pungent smell is starting to fill my nose! We should make haste to the city!”, exclaimed Kathryn Keyron, the famed High Wizard of Geffen.

“It is inevitable”, Cecil added. “Since the industrial revolution started by the Rekenber Foundation, a large amount of industrial surplus has made its way to the Schwartzvald Republic, polluting the path towards the city. This caused the monsters to grow more aggressive, with the nearby volcano’s normally peaceful creatures attacking those who tread their territories.”

“As expected of Cecil! Come here and giv—” Without batting an eye, Cecil punched the man who just ran towards her, resulting to him tumbling towards the lump of weeds nearby.

“You know it’s rude to interrupt others while they’re talking!?”, Cecil shouted.

“O-Ow, yes Cecil… Owww…” the man groaned as he tried to stand up. Dusting off his rugged (or as Cecil put it, “ragged”) attire, Howard Alt-Eisen, the mastersmith of the group, approached the huntress and the female wizard to explain himself, albeit a little bit carefully this time. He might get more than a punch if he isn’t careful enough.

As the two continued to bicker, the wizard silently chanted a spell. “The hand of Odin, the wind of the gods, please bless us!” With that, the pungent smell was instantly dissipated.

“So, Kathryn”, the voice came from their captain. “Have you successfully learned the Sage Arts?”

“But of course! You’re talking to the famed magician of Geffen!”, Kathryn replied smugly. “While you and Margaretha are busy with each other, I busied myself with books!”

“Ahaha, of course, as expected of Kathryn.” Kathryn felt a dark aura looming over her. There are very few things that can scare her— one of them being the “smile” coming from Margaretha. Surprised, the young priestess quickly gripped Kathryn’s ear, as if she was disciplining a naughty child.

Cenia was left puzzled, as the other “heroes” are busy bickering with each other like little children. Seyren facepalmed. He thought to himself, are we really the “Six Heroes”? We’re more like six buffoons and a child right now...

As the group continued their antics, a shadow appeared in front of them. Seyren and Cecil instantly recognized the bloodlust coming from this shadow, readying themselves with their weapons at hand.

“I am back. Reconnaissance has been completed.”

The shadowy figure revealed himself. It was an Assassin Cross, Eremes Guile, the last of the Six Heroes.

“Eremes!”, Kathryn and Margaretha exclaimed in unison.

“Hmph. I thought it was an enemy”, Seyren muttered as he sheathed his sword.

“It seems your skills have rusted, Seyren. Perhaps spending too much time with Margaretha is not the be—”

“Not you too, Eremes. I’ve had enough for this day.”, the knight interrupted. “So, how did the reconnaissance go?”

“Nothing of note. However, monsters are more aggressive than before. It took me some time before I cleared our path.”

“And I thought you brought us some good wine from Lighthalzen to drink.”, Cecil mused.

“Ah! But I have some good wine at my cellar in Amatsu! We can get drunk and be like Seyren and Marga—OwWwwwWww…”

“How many times do I need to tell you to stop interrupting! And don’t you DARE do something to me while I’m drunk, or you’ll get something more than that!” That said, the fuming huntress walked away, with the mastersmith clutching his... “lower parts” in pain.

“At least… the important parts… weren’t broken… And I kind of liked it too… Oww…”

“Fine then. I’ll drink with you after this mission is over.”, Eremes replied, with a hint of smile on his face.

“Really?”, the huntress turned towards him, beaming with glee (a rare instance). “Well then, let’s go right now! Seyren will pay for the bill!”

“Everyone. We still have an important mission to do. There is no time for us to relax yet.”, Seyren sternly said.

“Well, let’s go then!”, Cenia shouted.

“To the Citadel of Light and Shadow — Lighthalzen!”

Credits to Clo's Murmur