RoM Guild Making & Upgrading Guide


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Nov 13, 2018
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So I’m going to make a guide about how to create a guild and how to upgrade it for more ppl.s
First all all, you need to reach lvl 20 to create guild and prepare 300k zeny for it. (200k zeny for guild + around 100k zeny for gorgeous metal in auction or you can buy 200k zeny gorgeous metal from item merchant)

How to Create Guild

Step 1: Buy gorgeous metal from the item merchant in prontera or you can get it from auction at a cheaper price.
Step 2: GO to Izlude, talk to valkyrie about making a guild.

How to Upgrade Guild

Step 1: Enter Guild Base and Talk to the NPC in the Picture. He will ask for 1 gorgeous metal for upgrading your guild from lvl1 to lvl2.

You need to click Guild Donation to give the gorgeous metal .
Note you also need to meet the exp requirements.