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Oct 14, 2018
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Be it a material you need for crafting, a required item for quest completion or a drop you do not have any idea where it came from, being able to track items, NPC's and monsters will indeed be handy in such situations. Please follow the steps below to learn how to track an item and know where it came from, who is the NPC that sells it or what monster drops it.

Let us start with the ITEM Tracking...

1: Tap the item you want to track and if you can see the Tracking Button then it means you can find where this item came from. In this case I tapped the apple juice.
2: Tap the TRACK button on the upper right corner of the item window.
3: The Track window will appear showing where you can get the item. In this example it shows the 2 monsters that drops the apple juice.
4: Please tap the magnifying glass icon so that you will be able to find the location of the item source. In the example, I tapped the magnifying glass of the poring monster.
5: After tapping the magnifying glass icon, the icon itself will turn into an X icon and you will receive a TRACKING QUEST INDICATOR on your QUEST TRACKER.

Now let us move on to the MONSTER Tracking...

6: Tap the Tracking Quest on your Quest Tracker window.
7: Now you should be able to see where you should go to find the location of the monster where the item is dropped. Just tap the mini map and tap the location on the Auto-Path window to automatically move to the location of the monster.
Note: to remove/close the Monster Tracking Quest, just tap that small X button on the upper right side. Its better if you are using a touch pen.

Now let us move on to the NPC Tracking...

8: NPC tracking is just a little bit different, it is more convenient! Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3 then as you can see, the tracking indicator is different, it Is a ( > ) sign which actually means automatically move on the NPC location. Which your character will do.

This is probably one of the most useful feature ever created in the gaming history. The luxury of being able to sit, relax and chat with players while your character is automatically fighting is such a great feature. You will automatically receive the ability to auto attack after receiving your main quest at level 5~.

1: To enable auto attack mode, just simple tap the Auto Attack icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

2: You may select the specific monster that your character will attack or you may select ATTACK ALL which makes your character attack all monsters nearby. Please be careful in selecting attack all since there are high level monsters and bosses roaming around.

3: Put a check mark to this option if you want your character to automatically provide support to a party member who needs assistance. Example: In a situation where one party member is battling another monster and the member HP reaches critical, your character should automatically attack the monster which your party member is attacking.

4: You will know when the auto attack is active, besides the fact that your character starts to attack the nearby monsters, the auto attack icon will also turn to either yellow (specific target) or blue (attack all). Now you can enjoy chatting with players while your character auto attack mobs for item farming, questing or leveling ^_~,V,,

5: Please take always check how many stamina points your character currently have. Each time you engage in a battle with monsters (excluding mini-boss and boss monsters) your character will gain STAMINA POINTS. The EXP gain and Drop Rate will be increased within the first 300 Stamina Points, however, once your character stamina points goes past 301+ then the EXP gain will be reduced DRAMATICALLY!

After completing your first job change quest, probably the very first thing you have to do is to CRAFT your very own Over Powered Weapon! Yes, you read that correctly... a weapon that is Over Powered on its own way.

NOTE: The first weapon which is available at the Blacksmith NPC in prontera will be UNLOCKED for free. However, you need to complete the Story Teller Quest of the city to unlock the following OP Weapons/Armors. Please check the ~STORY TELLER QUEST GUIDE~ which is found on Page 3 for more info.

1: The first thing you need to do is find the blacksmith NPC. You can easily pin point the NPC location by looking for a hammer and anvil icon on the minimap. Talk to the NPC and you should get the window below.
2: Select the item that you would like to craft.
3: This is where you can see the required materials, quantity and the amount of crafting fee.
4: If you want to view the equipment stats then all you need to do is tap the equipment.
5: Tapping the item will open up the item information window.

Now to show you how Over Powered this items are, here is a comparison.

Gameplay Strategy: As you can see, the crafted bow not only looks better but also have a lot of bonus stats. Another fact is, the crafted bow only have a LEVEL 1 requirement to equip while the bow on the right requires Level 30! Last but not the least, the crafted bow have a CARD SLOT where you can put your card! Keep this bow fully upgraded and insert the very first card you get to this weapon as you will use this even when you reach level 30+.

I think this is a temporary feature since Merchant Job/Class is not yet playable. However, if its not, then merchant's crafted items should be better than this stuff or else their business is doomed and the class itself will be useless.

This feature is as old as the game itself. Monster Card and Card slots exist way back the very first Ragnarok Online game and it is one of the most valuable and popular feature. With the card system, you can increase your character stats, imbue certain buffs, and even make your character use skills that does not belong to its Job/Class skill tree!

Note: You can get Monster Cards from Quest and Monster Drops.

1: To put a card on a equipment slot, first open your bag and tap the card.
2: This indicator shows what to what type of equipment the card can be attached. In this case the indicator shows weapon.
3: This is where you can see the card bonus stats. (50 attack and 10 Defense?)
4: Please tap the attach button and the equipment selection window should pop up.
5: This indicates how many cards can be attached to the item. You can also scroll down on the item info window to see the card slots.
6: Tap the attach button on the item where you want to put the card
7: Tap the confirm button to attach the card to the item.
8: Once a card is attached to an item the card slot indicator will turn to gray. To check what the card benefits are or to confirm if what cards are attached to the item, just tap the item on your equipment or bag.
9: You may have to scroll down on the item information window to see the card bonus.

BoardNPC is where you will get your daily list of quest. You can do a total of 10 Boards Quest per day. All players i chatted with told me that this SHOULD be the first thing to do when you log into the game... but I differ.

1: To start your daily boards quest, please look for the BoardNPC and tap it.
2: This is where you can find the quest dialogue or request info. Probably contain some hints about the quest... but I cant read Chinese lolz!
3: This is where you will see the BASE EXP, JOB EXP, Zeny and the item reward.
4: Tap the accept button to start the quest.
5: This is the current EXP value. It starts with 100% and as you complete more quest, this value will increase with a maximum of 200% after completing the 9th Boards Quest which increases the Base and Job Exp rewards.
6: Current remaining time before the Boards Quest resets. You can do another 10 Boards Quest after the server reset.
7: The accept button will turn to red and now becomes the Cancel button. You can only activate 1 quest at a time.

NOTE: REMEMBER that you have to complete ALL 10 Boards Quest within 500 minutes OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT GET EXP REWARDS FOR THE UNFINISHED QUEST!

Gameplay Strategy: The Base and Job EXP will be base on the current % multiplier and your character current Base Level. This is the main reason why you should do the Boards Quest 1-2 hours before you stop playing or before the Boards Quest resets. Try to estimate and decide accordingly.

When history becomes legend, legend becomes myth, knowing the truth behind the hearsays may not come easy. Aside from the Main Story Quest there is another line of quest that not only provides a glimpse of the hidden past but also provides tremendous rewards. Few knows about this as the story are too good to be true, is it? is it really hard to believe? in a world where magic and legendary items exist?

NOTE: EACH CITY have its own BardNPC and Story Teller Quest. Try to complete this quest as soon as you move into a new city.

1: The very 1st thing you need to do is to look for a HARP icon in the mini map. This icon represents the BardNPC which is shown below. The Story Teller Quest can be acquired once you see a Story emoticon on top of the Bards head.

2: Talk with the BardNPC and he will give you a request which requires an item to be purchased. The BardNPC in Prontera City will ask you to purchase consumable items from the consumable NPC. The items are shown below:

3: After providing the bribe, i mean the quest items, the BardNPC will provide you the last 3 Quest... each quest will require you to hunt 300 Monsters.

4: Please don't torture yourself with the 3x300 mob quest, party up with the players around the mob spots, then use the auto-attack feature. You can select the top option to attack all the mobs around, please read the auto-attack system guide for more info.

5: After completing all 3x300 mob quest, here comes the best part! REWARDS!!! Please take a note and remember this, the Story Tellers Quest does not only provide Base and Job EXP as rewards, it also UNLOCKS the items that you can craft on the Blacksmith NPC! Remember that OP lv1 weapon that you can craft and use even after lv30-50? You can also craft armors etc that will be very useful way past the expected level!

Now get mesmerized by the REWARDS!

Each quest will give Base & Job Level EXP rewards including Zeny!

Story Teller Quest will also UNLOCK the crafting of Over Powered Items from the Blacksmith!