ROM Magic Prison 6v6 PVP Tournament

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Nov 4, 2018
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New PVP Mode: 6v6 PVP Tournament PS: Tournament isn't up yet in SEA but I noticed casual mode isn't grayed out, perharps SEA peeps can check if casual mode is really open.

The game will be held in a new PVP map "Magic Prison" (later at Season 2, they'll add new map). First team who got 4,000 points will win. There are various mechanics involved to gain points (we'll discuss later). Rewards vary per season. As of the time of writing, there are five seasons now in CN Server.

How to join:
New mode "Competitive mode" and "Casual mode" will be added to PVP room. Level Requirement is 90. Players can match randomly to form a team (DON'T DO THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT HEADACHE, FIND A PERMA PARTY)
  • Casual mode is for pratice and testing.
  • Competitive mode is for ranking.
Competitive Mode may vary per season (often Saturday and/or Wednesdays). You can only have 10 match per character per week. Each match will give you Glory Points as rewards.

Ranking rules:
  • 1 season : 6 weeks.
  • 4 Ranks : Fighter , Elite , Godlike, Legend.
  • You may unlock headgears and pets with based on your rank.
  • The top 20/50/100 players in Legend group will get exclusive mount when the season end.

Game Play How to win:
Each match lasts for 10 minutes. First team who get 4000 points will win. If nobody reached 4000 points, team with higher points win.

How to gain points:
  • There will be 4 elemental orbs spawned after 1 minute at the corner.
  • Each player can only hold 1 orb. If 1~4 players in the party hold the balls, get 20/40/50/60 points every 2 secs.
  • The players who hold the orb will be affected by the ball debuff status. You can't hide/speed up and you will lose HP.
  • Orbs of different element can be merged to summon different magic. Check the details in game.
  • After 1 minute and 30 secs, "Buff Orb" will appear at the center of the map (if map 1)/sides of the map (if map 2), afterwards it will respawn every 30 secs. Only player who hold elemental orb may get the Buff Orb. 400 points and a random buff will be given.

Each match, you'll get a) Honor Proof b) Tournament Points (basis for ranking) c) Tournament Coin (for buying mounts, this was added by Season 4). Of course, winner gets more than losing team. Each character can only have 10 Matches per week.

credits to Cerulean Blues