ROM Royal Guard Equipment Guide


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May 8, 2019
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The versatility of this class is the reason why I'm inlove with this job and also those shining shimmering Armors. Everyone in this group has the calling to be Cavaliers but Few are chosen to become one. There will come a time for us to be outclassed, many will switch Jobs and Few will stay. ROYAL GUARDS are strong, but that is not our forte. We are balance with Attack Skills and Support Skills.

Some of us will become Pure Damagers, Full Tank or Hybrids. Thats why we have Ymirs Book for that

But for Today, My Guide is my PERSONAL PREFERENCE in choosing Equips According to different scenarios. I will not be talking about CARDS coz there are guides in Announcement/Pinned post. And Im doing this guide for the people asking same questions over and over again what are my end game preferred equips. TAKE NOTE: MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE.

WOE/Guild War
SHIELD: Stone Buckler and Static Shield
Armor: Goibnes, Staunch, DeathCat
Garment: Staunch/Pauldron
Shoes: Sandals
Accessories: Staunch Ring and Matyrs Leash
Weapon: Cardo/Ivory lance

Shield: Stone Buckler and Static Shield
Armor: Goibnes, Legion or Garman
Garment: Pauldron
Shoes: Rune Shoes
Acces: Staunch Ring and Matyrs
Weapon: Cardo

PVE: Mirror Shield
Armor/Shoes/Garment/Head: Goibnes
Acc: Vit or Str ring
Weapon: Ivory Lance ( You have to balance your SB and SC, make sure you 1hit the mob.. And im talking about SB and SC combo)

Shield: Mirror Shield
Armor: Staunch or Tights
Garment: Alice Cape
Shoes: Rune Shoes
Acces: Staunch Ring and Matyrs
Weapon: Bill Guisarme

PVP ( i will not give info on this one, Im sorry )

Head to Tail (Vendo Equips from Guild)

I will pinned this post.. Kc mahirap sumagot ng paisa-isa.. Thank you and Good Day