ROM SEA Complete Book for Additional Attack


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May 8, 2019
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ROM SEA Complete Book for Additional Attack Ultimate Guide-Sheet.xlsx

The purpose of this guide-sheet is to easily track:
1. Your current and your target additional physical attack from book.
2. What else item/card you need to craft/buy/deposit for additional physical attack.
3. What else food you need to cook/taste to unlock additional physical attack.

There are 5 sheets in the excel.
1. Summary Sheet
2. Cooking/Tasting Sheet
3. Headgear Unlock/Deposit Sheet
4. Card Unlock/Deposit Sheet
5. Achievement Unlock Sheet

For Cooking, you just need to put
0 in editable cells (red color filled cells) if your cooking/tasting level for specific food is not yet level 10, otherwise put 10 to activate additional attack.

For Headgear, Card and Achievement sheet, you just need to put Yes in editable cells (red color filled cells) if you already unlock or deposit headgear or card and unlock achievement to activate additional attack, otherwise put No.

I put extra editable cell in case there will be future update for additional attack especially for Headgear (monthly gacha).

I hope this guide-sheet will help.

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Current update: until Goblin Quest and ROM SEA Live

To download please click the link:

MATK ultimate guide-sheet is also available, just check other post in my page.