Romancing SaGa Re; UniverSe: Square Enix New Free-To-Play RPG Available On June 25

Mark your calendars this upcoming June because Square Enix will bring to us another JRPG with a loaded dose of nostalgia but with totally modern-day vibes on its gameplay: Romancing SaGa Re; UniverSe. A mobile game that seems a rebirth of your fave old school RPG.

Romancing SaGa takes in your common RPG world that needs saving from the apocalypse bringer in the form of The Sinistrals.

The game features all the classic masterpieces of the previous RPG from the 80s and 90s which include memorable songs, artful pixel illustration and landscape, and of course epic battles featuring a host of unique and exciting heroes.

Similar to the early Final Fantasy franchise, the battle system will be a turn-based one with deep character customization, overdrive skills, team creation, and strategies to beat down the biggest, worst bosses.

Looking at some of its screenshots, the game will probably apply a gacha system for you to recruit heroes in different familiar classes.

There is an even an auto-play mode for those who want to play it with ease and a more casual approach and of course for the hardcore ones, the manual game lets your experience everything in battles.

Romancing SaGa is currently open for pre-registration and the best thing here is Square Enix promise that you can have the game for free, unlike other Saga series game that has a heavy pay-to-win system.