RoS Anti Cheat, Fortnite Android Beta, LoL Pre Season Updates, RO: Love At First Sight and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about PUBG not being esports ready, Fortnite Android Beta frequently asked questions, Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight, Fortnite matchmaking update, Rules of Survival new anti-cheat, and League of Legend pre-season updates

PUBG not ready
  • PUBG became the global sensation even when it was just released in early access
  • it garnered millions of players basically making the devs very rich
  • however
  • During the PUBG global invitational in Berlin, PUBG creator Brendan Greene said the PUBG is not esports ready
  • In his defense this is ok since battle royale is a new genre in the esports scene
  • Brendan Greene also mentioned that “2018 will be an introductory year for PUBG esports”
  • and that they really want to stabilize the platform, make the more competitive, and basically making the game less buggy
  • PUBG Corp also announced a five-year esports roadmap for PUBG
  • with the following statement from PUBG Corp CEO Changhan Kim that 2018 will be the year that the company builds the groundwork for the PUBG esports system
  • Hopefully, they execute this plans because its no secret that PUBG players are going dropping.
  • because if you remember when 2018 arrived almost 50% of the player count had stopped playing

New Ragnarok Mobile Game
  • Tencent announced in ChinaJoy 2018 that they will be releasing a new Ragnarok Mobile game, which was roughly translated to "Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight".
  • Take note that this is different from Ragnarok Eternal love
  • what's up with this naming - parang may pinaghuhugutan haha
  • The new announced Ragnarok game will be in full 3D from characters to environment but retains the nostalgic feel
  • The ui will also be different as the traditional skill bar is removed to a more streamline mobile experience
  • The new Ragnarok mobile version will also include a new day and night system, dynamic weather, climbing mechanics, 20 player PVP and special encounters.
  • There is currently no release date, however, a closed beta is announced to be coming soon.

  • Epic Games Fortnite will stop matchmaking players that are using mouse and keyboard against users with gamepads
  • So what does this mean?
  • Basically when you are in matchmaking for consoles and you are using mouse or keyboard your opponents will also be using the peripherals
  • giving gamepad users an equal advantage
  • This changes will affect users on console like PS4 or Xbox
  • as apparently there are users using this peripherals

RoS Update
  • Apparently the Rules of Survival game is using a new anti cheating system
  • It is said to have an enhance data detection for data modifying plugins
  • The new anti cheat will also have an increased speed and accuracy for its anti hack measures
  • So what does this means
  • basically the anti cheat will ban or suspend users immediately
  • the anti cheat is included for RoS PC and Mobile
  • The RoS team also announced that they are prioritizing bugs fixes/optimizations in order to improve the experience for all RoS Players
  • pero ang pinaka importanteng tanong e napansin nyo ba?

LoL Pre Season
  • Riot Games highlighted the pre season updates for League of Legends
  • So here is the breakdown of LoL gameplay changes over the next few months
    • Do you know the feeling that when the match just started and you think “talo na”
    • Riot Games plans to reduce the snowballing effect so they intend to make Comebacks are more achievable and satisfying
    • The team also plans to make the laning phase is longer this is for champs to full fill their specific roles in mid game
    • basically minimizing cases where players feel like they never got a chance to do their job before the game ends
    • In contradiction to comebacks, they also plan to resolve decided games faster basically if a teams becomes to powerful or your team is very much tilted and wants to give up
    • LoL devs want it to end faster so time won't be wasted
    • After listening to feedback from the community Riot Games decided to change the rune system, coz they plan to make rune paths no longer dictate stat bonuses
    • basically, this will be reducing damage and will open more rune builds in other meta
  • This pre season update are expected to be applied around November so you can chill for the meantime

Fortnite Android Beta

  • Fortnite for Android is now available on Beta
  • and here are the things you need to know
  • Epic games confirmed that Fornite Mobile will not be be available to Google Play Store
  • and that they are planning to to release it on their own service
  • So what does this mean?
  • basically Fortnite mobile for Android is bypassing play store and that the game won't be available there for download
  • So why did this happen?
  • Well to those who don't if you publish an app on the Play Store, google impose a 30% store tax
  • and nobody wants tax - haha
  • So how do i sign up for the Android Beta?
  • Simple, you can go to / android
  • then select your device
  • you will then receive a download instruction to pre install the game