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iOS Android RoS Ban Appeal Guide

Discussion in 'Top Mobile Games' started by anonymous, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous Pinoy Gamer

    Here is a simple guide para mag request ng review at matanggal yung ban nyo sa Rules or Survival.

    How do you get Banned from the first place?
    Pagusapan muna natin bakit ka naban kung hindi ka naman cheater kunwari, eto malamang ang mga rason #cancer
    • Using of Cheats, mods and scripts are prohibited
    • The account was reported for rules and conduct, ibig sabhin cancer ka
    • You are using a device that is banned or hardware banned, ingat sa pisonet pag may gumamit ng hack damay ka pa din
    • You are too good in the game, oo na ikaw na magaling
    How to BAN Appeal in RoS
    Here is a step how to get Ban Remove from RoS

    • Go to RoS website https://goo.gl/sB2jMM
    • Select Forums
    • Search Ban Appeal
    • Fill out the forms in a very descriptive way
    • Here are some questions they will ask
      • In-Game Name
      • Player ID (Not Required)
      • Server
      • Date of Ban
      • and Description
    • And then wait at good luck
    From RoS Dev Team
    Note: Hindi 100% to na gagagana lalo na kung cheater ka talaga

    Update eto isa pang method
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    Kung may kwento kung pano ka naban aba replay ka lang sa baba at pagusapan natin yan
  2. noyrizz

    noyrizz Newbie Gamer

    Well first of all, I wasn't using any cheat. Nag bug lang ata yung building parang ba na di mo makikita na clear kayo ayun lumapag ako sa rooftop at dumirecho na agad sa ground floor at biglang ban. :/

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