ROS Dying? Mobile Legends Season 9, PUBG Drops Lawsuit, Overwatch Wrecking Ball at Pokemon Quest


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about if Rules of Survival Battle Royal Dead? Pokemon Quest for Android, PUBG Drops Copyright Lawsuit Against Fortnite, Mobile Legends Season 9 and Overwatch Wrecking Ball

Pokemon Quest

  • The pokemon game for Switch called Pokemon Quest is now out on Android for Free
  • To those who don't know Pokemon Quest is a free to play RPG that features your favorite pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue
  • Pokemon Quest takes place on Tumblecube Island that’s filled with the mini monsters, as well as collectibles to power them up for battle
  • The games feature a cute voxel art-style similar to Minecraft
  • You start by exploring the island with a single Pokémon, who you can send off on expeditions to fight other monsters, and collect items for boosting itself and stocking up your base camp
  • You can now download the game on iOS or Android
PUBG Lawsuit

  • The lawsuit on the PUBG against Epic Games Fortnite has been dropped
  • The pubg company did not give a statement on why they officially dropped the case nor whether a settlement had been reached
  • If you remember previously we talked about PUBG Corp filed a copyright infringement against Fortnite in Korea
  • and this was met with negative feedback from the press as well as players
  • stating that PUBGs claims are groundless and won't hold up in the court
  • and don't forget PUBG is using Epic Games Unreal Engine
  • Well whatever the reason the case is now closed
  • Who won? well the lawyers of course since they got paid good money
  • haha
  • Take note this is still different from PUBG vs NetEase that is still ongoing
  • But for those who don't know Tencent is actually the part owner of both PUBG and Epic Games
  • So maybe Tencent ask both companies to play nice since they are making money either way
  • it doesn't make sense for them to allow PUBG corp to file a lawsuit against Fortnite since that games is their money maker in the Battle Royale scene
Mobile Legends

  • On a previews developer update, Mobile Legends talked about the upcoming content for Season 9
  • So let's talk about this upcoming updates
  • Equipment now can have active skills
    • Equipment skills are no longer just passive skills as they are adding active skills in some equipments
  • DPS Equipment & Heroes’ Attack Effects
    • The team noticed that the Hero DPS equipments for DPS heroes are roughly the same
    • For example, the Berserker's Fury build almost the same for most roles
    • So now the developers have designed some equipment for heroes special basic attacks like Karrie will highlight their specialty
  • Equipment for Mages
    • Since some mages are not strong at laning especially in singles burst or assassin type of mages
    • The team is adding high-level jungling equipment for mages
    • basically high-risk high rewards
  • Recovery equipment for non-DPS heroes
    • New equipments specifically for non dps heroes likes tanks will be added
    • this equipment will give the non dps heroes more regenerative abilities
  • Equipment that counters huge damage to a single hero
    • The game is adding equipments to to counter high dps heroes
    • The main benefit of these equipment items is their cost-effectiveness against heroes with high burst DPS skills
    • But! The drawback of these equipment items is that they will be less effective against other types of heroes
  • This changes are due to the next season and can still change
  • so what do you think? new meta for mage and tanks?

Overwatch Wrecking Ball

  • Overwatch’s new hero is Wrecking Ball
  • a superintelligent hamster in a giant with rolling mech suit named Hammond
  • Wrecking Ball will be the 28th member of the roster
  • He’s a tank-class hero, with fast mobility options that let him roll around the battlefield
  • Wrecking Ball also has a grappling claw that will let him swing around the field
  • as well as a “Piledriver” ground pound ability for slamming foes into the floor
  • His ultimate ability is “Minefield,” which allows him to deploy a field of mines
  • To those who want to try the new hero Wrecking Ball is available on the Overwatch PTR server

Dota 2

  • And for our Dota 2 News
  • These Are the 18 Teams Competing in the 2018 Dota 2 International
  • Qualified Teams
    • OG
    • Winstrike Team
    • Team Serenity
    • Invictus Gaming
    • Fnatic
    • TNC Predator
    • VGJ.Storm
    • Evil Geniuses
    • OpTic Gaming
    • PaiN Gaming
  • Invited Teams
    • Team
    • PSG.LGD
    • Team Secret
    • Mineski
    • Vici Gaming
    • Newbee
    • VGJ.Thunder
    • Team Liquid (Defending Champions)
  • The International 8 is coming to Canada for the first time in August

RoS Dying

  • Is Rules of Survival dying?
  • In the previous days, many players even major youtubers are saying they are quitting Rules of Survival and the game is dead
  • Why is the happening you may ask?
  • Well let's start with the cheaters
  • The developers are saying they are making effort on removing and banning hackers from the game, but that's not what players are seeing
  • As of now, cheating is still rampant in the game
  • Even the steam version which claims to have secured game data and separate server are complaining about instances of cheaters
  • then users are getting banned from the game due to glitches
  • Even non cheaters are getting banned because of the games bug and glitches
  • The devs should not be penalizing their player base because of their incompetence but that's not the case
  • because if you accidentally stumble upon a bug you will get banned which is unfair considering the game doesn't even prioritize bug fixes for the game
  • and this brings us to the monetization
  • Rules of Survivals focus is no longer the players but instead how much they can earn
  • The games updates are faster about the new skins and new items, basically more ways for players to buy in-game items and for them to earn
  • But the glitches and bugs patches? well it takes months
  • Sad life
  • on a side note did you know how many players the RoS game has banned?
  • Make a guess!
  • Well is actually almost 5m players are banned from Rules of Survival at the time of this recording
  • Grabe!
  • So what do you think is RoS dying? did you also quit the game? let us know in the comments
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