RoS Gun Facts and Tips


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May 11, 2015
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UPDATE: this isn't a guide. It's tips based on personal experience. Keep negative comments to yourself. You may see it differently, but this is based on 700+ matches. Take it to heart or don't, I really don't care but keep your negativity to yourself.

Instead, share what you've experienced and what you think is wrong or what could be missing.

I feel like I need to do this because people are all EBR crazed that no one actually looks around and realizes that some weapons defined "trash" are actually formidable weapons with the right equipment. I'll cover Ghille island first, but both sets of guns are going in. Also throwing in that I'm not going to talk about crate guns, only because of the fact that not only are they so rare, but I see so many ill-equipped people going for them. Granted I want to win, but make it a challenge at least instead of 100 people dying in the first five minutes. I hope by the end of this you'll be able to properly equip yourself for that tasty chicken dinner.

The only difference between the M4A1 and the AR-15 are damage. Fully supplied, the M4 has better auto capabilities long range but it's hardly noticeable, and besides, who even snipes full auto? It's just a waste of ammo in my opinion. The ACR falls into the same category, except it's trash on auto, the M4 way surpasses this form of the adaptable rifle, but single fire on the ACR is probably the most accurate I've seen. Next, come to the headshot ARs. While the AN94 has trash for damage, it's not to be left in the wrong hands.

If properly equipped, this gun can land a 68 damage headshot from half a kilometer away without sights. I never really fancied the AKM, but it's more of a sniper on the premise that on single fire the damage goes up along with the accuracy. While it's got more rounded off single to auto damage, the AN can land potentially more fatal blows.

Next on to snipers. Can you shut the hell up about the SVD already? Yeah, sniper attachments are hard to find. But as long as you have a compensator on at least, and actually wait for the recoil to resolve itself, looking at you mister camping on the roof spamming the shoot button, but with the correct scope for said engagement, and cheek pad of course, it can kill in about a bit less than a normal mag.

The AWM, on the other hand, may be high powered, but is woefully inaccurate, especially when there's a target more than 200 yards out. You're better off scouting all the sniper parts first before considering this rifle.

The M110 goes into the same category as the AWM, just a bit stronger. If you can land a shot, regardless of attachments can deal near Barrett damage.

Next up is my all-time favorite sniper, even beating out the Barrett in my opinion, on the sole premise of it being semi-auto. The QBU may not seem like much stock, but adding a VERTICAL foregrip alone can turn it into a slaughterhouse. It can kill in half the shots the SVD can, especially with cheek pad and compensator, can turn it into a long range beast, just make sure you have enough ammo in case you miss or need suppressing Fire.

To each his own, however, try telling that to my 12 kills running around the Power Station(you can call it camping, but I was kind of running around like a chicken with its head cut off stuffed with jumping beans).

SMGs are not my particular kind of gun but are great for the first pickup in case you land on a trash drop.

The PP19 and the Vector are trash. Tiny mags, way too much recoil and burn through way too much ammo way too fast. Steer clear of these unless it's all you can find.

All American Thompson is my personal favorite. That might be coming from the fact that I've gotten some particularly hilarious kills with it or the fact that it's such an iconic gun. The P90, this Belgian special forces mid range gun (who might I add the only drawback is its full auto only), is basically a Tommy that can't do as much, can be especially lethal with the right attachments.

The MP5 and MP7 are basically full auto pistols(hence MP, standing for machine pistol) that can be used mid-range. I haven't actually had the chance to test the long-range capabilities of the MP5, but the MP7 is a perfect gun for almost any situation.

Last but not least, best for last, the close range instant damage, day-ruining SHOTGUNS!! These guns are the only reason I pick don't pick up SMGs, to even out my preference for long-range ARs, a shotty is perfect for clearing houses or taking care of that snake in the grass who hasn't noticed you yet.

The WRO and the M1887 are basically the same weapons, with the only thing separating them are clip size and damage, adding a choke and a bullet loop make them almost identical.
My personal ghille favourite has to be the M870, on the sole premise that should you need to reload on a double barrel, the pump action will win every time.
The AA12 is seen as the God of shotguns, but without being able to add a choke makes this gun quite inaccurate unless you're point blank range.

My Fjord Favourite, the SAIGA 12 is probably the best shotgun in game. On top of being full auto, you can put sight on it, making yourself less likely to expose yourself unnecessarily to get that guy around the corner. But wait, I haven't even come to the best part!! This gun actually cannot use a choke. That may make it sound like an AA12 reskin until you put the best rifle compensator on it. As if an SMG and a sniper came together and made sweet love, this would be their love child. One shot mid-range will blow any nearby target to bits, just don't mistake it for your AR.

The RPG is trash in my opinion but to each their own. The pistols are basically the same as well and kinda can't be used unless it's all you pick up, so you're better off leaving the pistol and hoarding ammo instead.

That's what I've got to say, should anything need to be added, throw it down in the comments.