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Nov 4, 2018
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Nova Gamer is handled by the NetEase’s community team. E-sports videos, Streaming statics and much more talented Streamers will be posted here!

Do you want to be a Streamer? Nova Gamer is set for those who want to get more streaming statics and provide a platform for those who has lots of passion towards Streaming.

We hope all the players here can learn streaming skills from each other and feel free to share your Stream experience with us!

What’s Nova Streamer?

In order to improve Streaming ability, being Nova Streamer will be allowed to stream on Nova Gamer in front of more than 6,000 viewers. Everyone can apply and wait for our information, then go Test Stream twice on Nova Gamer once being approved.

People who pass the Test stream will therefore become our Official Nova Streamer which has the Evaluation system and Rewards calculation every month.

Who can be our NOVA Streamer?
  • Survivor with creative ideas but can not find a stage!
  • Survivor who wants to show off your unique skills in RoS!
  • Survivor who is eager to become Streamer!
  • Survivor with lots of energy and passion!
What will you gain through the NOVA Program?
  • Chance to Stream on Rules of Survival - Channel and host Top Clans Tournament!
  • Communicate with the Survivors who are as passionate as you and stimulate brand new ideas in Streaming!
  • Improve your Streaming skills and know more about RoS!
  • Be Friends with RoS Admins hehehe
  • Rich Rewards and Exclusive NOVA LOGO!
Why Become a Nova Streamer? As a Nova Streamer, you'll enjoy Exclusive Benefits, including...
  • Help Building Up Your Audience on Various Platforms
  • Exclusive In-Game Medallion/Title
  • In-Game Rewards(Diamonds/Skins, Exclusive Features) for Yourself & Viewers!
  • Official Page Promotion
  • Tutorship in Streaming from Top RoS Streamers (Learn How to Reach Millions of Fans!)
  • Promotion In-Game! Millions Will See YOU!
How To Join? Just Fill Out Below!(Remember to be detailed)

How to Become Official NOVA Streamer?

Once selected by RoS Moderators, you will have to go on 2 Test Streams in RoS Prime Community.

NOVA Candidate

The following is the process after you've been selected:
  1. Moderator will add qualified Streamers into Discord Server and make them the role of "NOVA Candidate"
  2. Moderators will privately send NOVA Notice and confirm the Test Time with you.
  3. If the Candidates had any problems with the Test Streaming, Please directly PM Yuchen or a RoS Admin
  4. Candidates should confirm the Stream Plan with Yuchen at least one day in advance.
  5. The Stream key will be sent to Candidates 30 mins before Stream starts.
  6. After going live, Candidates should respond to Moderators or Yuchen if any problems.
  7. After ending the Stream, Candidates should pravitely send the winners' account info to Moderators within two day.
How to pass the Test Stream?
  • The average views of the two Stream: Over 3k
  • [RoS admin serves the final right to approve the entries]
  • You still have one chance to apply for NOVA Streamer once been eliminated. Please submit a New Plan to Moderators after one week.
After becoming Official NOVA Streamer, your name tag in Discord Group will be changed into "NOVA Streamer"

  • Stream atleast once every 2 weeks
  • Respond to any issues during the stream, stay in contact with staff and alert them of any hacking behavior.
  • Do not reveal the Rewards before the Streaming.
  • Promote events from RoS Prime Community, Tournament in your Stream, and Promote Positive Image of RoS & NetEase.
  • If you need to change the Streaming time after confirming with Yuchen, please inform her at least 2 days before the confirmed time.
  • Every Streamer should reserve a time with yuchen 1 week in advance of Stream Date(s). Everyone can do Stream up to 2 times/ week. The fixed time is 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm GMT+8
  • Streamer Reservations are on a first come basis. Reserving first will give you Priority.

Reward Compensation
  • Moderators will calculate the Rewards every first Monday of the Month.
  • Moderators are required to send the Reward details & Streamers' account info to Yuchen.
Rewards Use
  • Streamers own the full right to dispense the rewards during Streaming.(Total of 1200 diamonds),although, The rewards can not be over 200 diamonds for each player.
  • Any Trading behavior is prohibited.
  • The next month's Rewards cannot be advanced.
Evaluation Level C
  • The average views per video within one month: 3k-4k
  • Points:150-1500a.
Rewards Level C
  • NOVA Streamer logo
  • Streaming on RoS Prime Community
Evaluation Level B
  • The average views per video within one month: over 5k
  • Points: 2400-3500
Rewards Level B
  • Custom Room access
  • NOVA Streamer logo
  • Streaming on RoS Channel
  • Extra 1000 Diamonds per month
Evaluation Level A
  • The average views per video within one month: over 10k
  • Points: over 4500
Rewards Level A
  • Custom Room access
  • NOVA Streamer logo
  • Streaming on RoS Channel
  • Extra 3000 Diamonds per month
  • A chance to host Official Top Clans Tournament
Notice: Yuchen and Moderator will evaluate every first Monday of a Month
  • The Streamer's level is depends on their Performance each month.
  • Points can be accumulated
Reward System

  • When one Streamer cannot make their reservation and we need Emergency Replacement.
  • (The requests will be annouced in Discord Group)
  • 800 Diamonds + 400 Points / each time
  • Make reservation one week before.
  • Streamer who makes a reservation first will get the priority.
  • 500 Diamonds + 150 Points / each time
Moderators and Yuchen will calculate everyone's rewards on every first Monday of a Month.
Rewards will be sent out on every first Tuesday of a Month.


Streamer who does any one of the following behaviors will be taken off of the program.
  1. Streaming less than 2 times a month
  2. Doing Trade behavior with fans, using hacks or anything that can compromise the image of RoS or/and NetEase
  3. No show up for the schedule Streaming Day